Why do I barely play KI3?

I got my Xbox 1 day 1 cause of KI3 and was stoked to play it, but I barely touched it since launch in both offline and online. Everytime I select to play the game I get the feeling of not wanting to play it for every long. I don’t get it.

Maybe you don’t like it.

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Sounds like a serious personal problem you have there. I don’t think anyone hear can answer your question because we don’t feel that way…especially for 2 years.

You missing out on the greatest game ever made…I can tell you that much!

Do you play MK X, SF 4, or the classic KI games? If so… I dont see how you cant play KI 2013.

Hope it gets better for you

I wouldn’t call it the greatest game ever made. I do like it, I like SF4, and the classics, but the classics to me aren’t better than 3. I don’t like MKX. I want to play it more, but I never feel like it. The only time it gets played is when my young nephew comes over, he has fun.

Sounds like you’re just not that interested in it. I know a few friends that were insanely hardcore about playing games, but have since kind of started looking at games like “meh”. It’s just something that you’re going to have to figure out on your own :stuck_out_tongue:

There are plenty of things I though I’d like but wound up forgetting about. Advanced Warfare, Evolve, MKX…
I think it just depends. If the game doesn’t click, it doesn’t click. Nothing wrong with that

You could just be in a point in your life when you simply stop caring about video games. You still keep up with news and buy new releases but when it comes to playing them… meh. I went through that when I first started college, couldn’t get into anything for about three years. Eventually got back into them thanks to all the free time my job allows me but I’m still nowhere near as active as I used to be.

I actually stopped playing games for over 10 years…until KILLER INSTINCT 2013 came out!!! lol

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Maybe you just need a break? sometimes it’s easy to get burned after awhile. Maybe you should give KI a vacation and play a different game you love to play for now.

I took a break from KI for awhile and ended up playin lots of smash got back on refreshed and ready for KI. Though 2 weeks of no play as rusted me a bit.

I don’t know it sounds like you just don’t want to play it. For me it’s totally opposite I never have much urge to play it, but once I do before I know it I’ve lost several hours into it.

Just relax and give it time. Either you need a break or your not into it anymore.

Also it could be the lack of social interaction with the game, fighters are very player driven. Perhaps some local matches or maybe the turn chat on.

ive been playing since day one. easily my fav fighter so its just your taste in games

You’ll like KI someday. :wink:

We all move on from certain games eventually

I play KI from time to time but since I got Ultra street fighter 4 and started finding more fighting games I’ve been more invested in playing them than KI. I stopped playing KI mid to late season 2 since I wanted to give season 2 a chance but it disappointed me so much (Hisako being the only good thing to me). I still think KI season 1 is great but well…

When I played third strike and Capcom vs SNK 2 that is what I call fighting game perfection (Capcom vs SNK 2 being my all time favourite)

Also gears of war takes up my Xbox time more than KI. I will admit I at least come back to KI…MKX I dunno, I just stopped enjoying as much as before

Maybe because it isn’t KI3, it doesn’t exist. This game is a reboot

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Are you ok? Game phobia detected. It seems you dont like the game anymore…

It’s a rebooquel


I’ve always loved this term for it

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@ProdigyBurns nailed it. While a lot of stuff has been rebooted (TJ’s story is essentially identical to his KI1 story, Riptor and Maya got major changes, Cinder got a slight change) several elements of the old KI story are still used (references to Sabrewulf’s cybernetic arms, Jago’s relationships with Orchid and the vestige of Gargos within him, Fulgore Mk. 3 [reference to the mk1 and mk2 that were destroyed in KI1 and 2] using Eagle’s brain like in the comics).

Hmmm… Maybe the reason OP got tired of the game is the (understandably) confusing plot? Or is the issue with the gameplay itself?

It might be as simple as my own reason for playing very little of KI lately: while I’m not tired of the game, I just have a few specific things I’m currently playing which are eating my gaming time. Gears and the Metro Redux games are the current ones, but I’ve got a couple more I need to finish as well. It goes in waves for me, as there have been weeks where I’ve played nothing but KI, so I’ll be back into it soon enough!