Why didn't this combo cash out? *video*

Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

Was pretty baffled when it happened. Glitch or am I missing something?

My guess would be a glitch - forward it to the devs and see what they say about it. If I’m wrong, what’s the harm?

I dont know what causes it but it happens to me every now and then. Its definatly not new

I had the same thing happen today. :confused:

Yea looks like a glitch…

This has happened to me 3 times. 2 in season 1 . 1 in season 2. It is a glitch.

lol that around the world hype!

Linking two normals (which you did with the help of extra hitstun from a counterhit plus instinct, but e.g. you could 1-frame link clMK and crLK together normally), and then cancelling into a shadow opener, begins a weird combo state where linkers and enders don’t behave as expected. Another way to start a similar (the same?) combo state is to link together three normals, e.g. three clMK’s together while in instinct and with your opponent cornered, followed by a regular opener special. My guess as to what’s going on is that it triggers the “3 hit rule” for starting breakable combos, but the system has been implemented under the assumption that said rule is only relevant in juggle situations, so you’ve started some sort of “grounded juggle” state.

The bit that’s news to me, is that normally using auto doubles sets the system straight, but clearly that hasn’t happened because you went around the world and then your shadow ender didn’t cash out. In my experience auto doubles at least fix linkers, and I think they also fix enders, but I guess they don’t fix shadow enders – because they don’t behave differently in combo, unlike regular linkers/enders, maybe? Just today I was trying to abuse “grounded juggle” by doing

clMK, crLK xx shadow laser sword, manual xx double fireball, manual xx double fireball, manual xx shadow DP

while in instinct, but couldn’t get a cashout no matter what I changed the bit at the end to, so I’m familiar with shadow DPs not cashing out in this state…even if it is a bit weird, and unexplained, and inconvenient. The lifeswing on that combo could be ~70%, which is maybe the only potentially useful thing I’ve been able to find with “grounded juggle”.

But it’s a thing I’m still toying with, and may keep toying with from time to time until IG do something about it.