Why did you choose Arbiter over Master Chief?

I never heard of a Arbiter but everyone knows Master Chief.

I personally think Chief would have been a better fit, the guy’s a hand-to-hand God.

However, a lot of people wanted Arbiter instead, and I’m pretty happy with him either way.

I’m personally really happy they didn’t go with Master Chief. Arbiter is so much more interesting and cooler, imo. He’s an alien got damn it :slight_smile: Never been in too Halo but I researched the Arbiter when he was announced for KI and I really like his/their lore. Perfect choice when MS decided to put some guests in and under the notion they probably only could pick within MS IPs.

Patiently waiting for the next dude from the MS franchises :wink:

  1. Master Chief is predictable (wouldn’t have been MC anyway, remember DoA’s Nicole?)
  2. Arbiter fits KI’s population of monsters, freaks and aliens.
  3. Uh frikkin’ plasma sword and grenades! What interesting up close weaponry would the chief (or generic Spartan #254464) have?
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Because Edgelord.

Lol I never heard of either to be honest. I was familiar with Halo but I never knew what it was about nor it’s characters. After doing some research I’m glad they choose Arbiter instead of Chief enough human characters as is, imo.

I prefer the look of creatures over humans in fighting games, but it’s just my taste. A good balance of characters is cool by me, but give me monsters in KI! XD

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It would have been interesting to see what he could have been since he was given thrusters for Halo 5. That would have been cool seeing him ground pound Jago or someone else.

Honestly I liked more the idea of inserting Arbiter than the cliché Master Chief. I personally don’t like guest characters, but the two that came out right now are fine and somehow funny to play/watch.

While Chief is very iconic, the Arbiter has a bit more to him than just shooting a gun.

Chief would have been an awesome choice as well, but in the cast of KI, you notice a pattern of warewolves, ghosts, and every other horror movie trope. The arbiter is a nice shoe in for what KI represents, a non traditional fighter.
Also, I love the lore behind the Sanghelians, Arbiter’s race. The Haloverse is extremely rich in lore, if anyone is interested in learning some more.

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It seems like the rumored character is a lot like arbiter.

Interesting choice

I feel an Arbiter has a lot more opportunity for interesting melee combat than Chief. Not to say Chief wouldn’t be interesting. KI still hasn’t hit the Space Marine trope, but Arbiter just has a bit more potential in his moveset than Chief imo

Not a fan of guest characters but i like Arbiter he has a very interesting game play style.

Not to mention their society resolves around combat.


Master Chief is played out; he is the face of Halo-everything. I’m glad IG was more creative with their pick.

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