Why can't we open someones'S profile on ranked?

Why can’t we open up the opponent’s profile on ranked? Is this intentional?

I don’t know the answer to the question - although I don’t know why you would want to open their profile.

But can you please change the title to reflect the actual question? These types of thread titles drive me nuts…

Sorry. Also this is to send them a ggs message.

Ah… I was thinking you meant before the match and I didn’t know what you would be looking at. But having the ability to open it from the closing screen, when you are looking at the results or saving shadow data etc. would be a really great feature.

It exists in exhibition but not ranked which confuses me.

A more important question would be why can’t we see their profile after a match. I have no idea who I just fought most of the time and the Xbox recent player list takes like 5 minutes to load the last player you played against. It even seems like it starts loading the most recent player until the very end of the match not as soon as you start playing with them which makes it more irritating.

There’s an easy fix for this - LOOK AT THEIR NAME.

Once I started doing this, it made it easy for me to look them up under the find someone feature on XBL and send them a message. :wink:

Not as easy at it seems. For example,when I manage to,I type ggs. In the close matches,they replied with a ggs. They also said they were trying to find me but couldn’t. Once I told them it was an i and not a 1,they were like oh. Sometimes,it is hard to figure out there GT. Plus it takes longer as well. I will be fine for now because I just got hit by the ranked crash bug now.