Why Can't I Block?

Let me be REALLY straight forward with you, there are a few select players that I hate playing against. I don’t understand why if I block an individual that I am still able to play against them online. If I block somebody, I don’t want to see them EVER.

For what reasons do I block people?
A. Lag - I’m sorry, but I shouldn’t be forced to be play against laggy mcdonalds net dude 4 times in a row. Its not even fun…
B. Abusive behavior - not just talking about taunting or teabagging, but verbal abuse, threats, and or extreme foul language.
C. To Protest an Unbalanced Character - This is rare, but back when TJ Combo was released, I literally blocked everyone that mained him until he was nerfed. Once Auto Barrage was changed I unblocked everyone.

I don’t particularly like blocking anybody, but I should have the ability to do so.

Just press backwards to block.



Haha! Wait… that’s the resolution to winning! Oh my freaking GOSH! :stuck_out_tongue:

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The reason is that it can easily be abused.

I could argue that using Kan Ra is equally abusive… :slightly_smiling: (yes, I’m using sarcasm).

That is why he is getting buffed.

He’s getting BUFFED!!!

Ends life…

Some inside info. It includes his sand spike becoming unblockable like Glacius’s shatter. His meter gain is x3. A blocked whirl is plus 10 for Kan-Ra. Don’t forget his ultra does 400 hits now. Plus you can quadrouple ultra now. DOn’t forget the whole map is filled with sand traps. Sand explosion does 100% chip damage. Should teach your opponent not to block it.

That’s the stuff of nightmares!

I’m not going to lie, I completely misunderstood the header of this post, and was really trying to figure out how someone who I know to be familiar with the game could be confused about blocking.

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I misunderstood your comment and thought you were being sarcastic! YEAH MISUNDERSTANDING!! :smile: