Why can't I beat this Glacius?

What to do?

It looks like you killed yourself more than the glacius beat you. He kept taking your life bars while you were sitting on more than half a life bar of blood health. Just need to drink blood more.


So Mira moves use health? is that why it drains so much? a few hit drains like 60% etc

Exactly. Work on your health management and get your health back when you use it.

Probably worth a watch!

This, with a video titled “Learning Mira” I think it’d be a good idea to actually, ya know, Learn Mira before hand.

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This is not how u play mira. You have to use light bats to control the game and force your opponent to do stuff under pressure. The second are her dash Hk cross ups. Mist should be for reversal and with time you will use it for setups

I just noticed ur gamertag, I think i fought u alot with mira

i see ok i will try that.

Are there any pros using Mira for tournaments?

Not really but UA Bass (Ken Armas) who placed second at Evo and is top 8 pretty much everywhere with spinal and cinder play has lots of YouTube sets where he uses Mira and @infilament actually has a couple of great videos analyzing his Mira play.

cool well this means she is certainly viable so this is good

Every character is viable in the right hands and with the right knowledge. She just has to take bigger risks than most. While Mira’s tools are great, her health drain limits them to a more resource management style play that isn’t really beginner friendly, and some don’t really want to take extremely high risk with her when you can manage a similar lockdown offense with characters that don’t rely so much on health cost.

You can always gain meter and instinct, but health is probably the most vital resource of all. Run out of that and it’s game over, so probably the mentality is why play so risky with the most precious resource you have when other characters would probably put up good offense without risking such a precious resource for one you can gain back more easily.

I like having a little breathing room for mistakes, breathing room that you don’t normally get when using Mira since her health can drain much more quickly.

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To be honest I picked Mira because she was smoking hot. lol

I picked Cinder for the same reason.


ooh i see what u did there LOL

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Hmm check zero may cry , i forgot his youtube channel name. Mira , is a simple char to use. Is this ur game tag ? I can add u so we play some mira mirror. Check “Hk smash” 's youtube video titled “mira is op or something”. He plays against zero and u will see some mind boggling mira setups.

Tbh i consider mira very easy to use. Easy to win with and play. Most mira players hide this from people. Her blood managment is no longer an issue when u play her rightly.u dont even feel it anymore. It just that many people dont give it time to learn how to play her and believe stereotypes. To me TJ and cinder are much harder to play idk why ,lol