Why are my S1 characters still unavailable on pc?

I have KI on xbox with all the characters working as they should, but once I log onto the pc version all S1 characters are grayed out, prompting me to buy them when selected. This has been the case since the launch of the pc version. There is no where, to my knowledge that I can submit a ticket of any kind about this issue. I’d rather not pay triple for something I already own. Can I have some help with please? It’s been months… this is unacceptable.

How did you purchase Season 1?

I purchased a physical copy of the “Combo Breaker Pack” last year.

The digital version is the only version that is cross-play/buy. The physical version is not.

Then wouldn’t that mean that the season 2 characters would also be unavailable as well? They work just fine and those characters came with the the disc.