Why are anti-air jabs a thing in Street fighter 5?

I can understand them for chars like Gief or Alex. But why Ryu? Or Ken? Did the community really ask for that? (I also think the concept is entirely dumb overall)

Hasn’t it been like that since before 3rd Strike?

Because initially, you needed anti-air jabs because of the 8-frames of input delay.

Capcom is weird with balancing SFV. It’s practically a turtle’s best friend.

I’ve played every fighting game under the sun but Street fighter so it’s a new concept to me lol

From what i understand of Street Fighter, Capcom and the community, it’s all influenced on Japan and Asia to an extent. So if your name isn’t Daigo, Tokido, Infiltration, Momochi and so on, the community doesn’t do much.

I think that when it was still in beta, Capcom had Daigo play it and he said it felt slow. Next version, game speed was up. Coincidence? Perhaps…

It’s been around since forever, but only now has it really gotten alot of attention.

It’s essentially what alot of people call "easy AA into mixup territory). Personallly I hate it because the damage is garbage and the mix-ups I can get with my other AA’s. So…yeah, only pro I see is it’s fast.

AA jabs are due to jumping attacks having poor hit-boxes. Most of the time the moves don’t cover their hurt boxes while jabs have a higher then average hit-box, making them easy to jab out of the sky. Some of the better characters have a 4-5frame jab, making it reactionary instead of a soft read with a ch.hp, and since jabs have less recovery frames then any other AA makes them useful for mixups for characters like Chun-Li, Cammy and Alex.

Source - Observation

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