Who's Your Most Problematic Matchup?

Now here’s a question that I’m sure that everyone of us has asked ourselves before. Who in the cast do you feel you have the most trouble fighting? It could be anything to his more problematic matchups (Kan Ra, Fulgore, Sadira etc.) or it could even be someone that you know Aganos should beat but just for whatever reason, you just can’t bring yourself to do it.

In this thread I’d like to find out if there’s some characters that are common for Aganos’ players to struggle against and hopefully we can share info and ideas with each other to help each other grow!

I’ll start us off. For the life of me, I always have the hardest time with good Fulgore players. Getting teleport mixed up is one of my worst banes in this game and I always fall for it everytime. For example, when Fulgore does his standard fireball setup (forward throw, dash back, fireball xx teleport), do I block the fireball first or do I block where Fulgore is going to be and the auto correct will save me? I’d love to learn the matchup more but I hardly run into any high level ones online, so as of now I don’t have enough matchup progress against him.

Come and share your thoughts here whether you be an Aganos’ beginner or are up in the upper echelons!

All characters have given me trouble before but since S3 Maya and Riptor have been giving me trouble for some reason. Rash too sometimes.


Just realized this is for Aganos players lol I thought this meant in general, my bad :confused:

Luckily enough, there’s been some changes in S3 that have made the Maya matchup a bit easier like her not being able to throw daggers after a blocked uppercut. Usually for me though what I try to do is keep her at a distance and try to use the club on her if I can. Otherwise having a chunk and using meaty stand LK and meaty throw on her wakeup usually helps me out as I don’t think her reversal has any invincibility (unless shadowed). You just got to get the knockdown first on her, but I know how that’s easier said than done. If you can, try to start matches by getting into her face. Also, make sure you punish her thrown daggers with shadow ruin as often as possible. It keeps it from bouncing back to her and you get a free way in to start your pressure.

I don’t really have any advice for Riptor at the moment but that’s something I’ve been trying to work on as well

Fulgore can be certainly be hard, I know. In regards to your question, block for the fireball 1st and then use that moment to prepare for if he comes in from behind to reverse your block or to tech a throw. Personally though, at the start of the match, I like to put a wall directly behind me and stand right next to it, so he can’t teleport behind me without the risk of cornering himself. :wink:

That being said, my hardest matchups are Sadira and Rash, both of which will hopefully become a bit easier thanks tovarious aspects of the 3.5 update.

Fulgore is easily the hardest MU in Season 3. Maya got easier in Season 3 but I’d still put her in 2nd. After that are Sadira and Riptor but that MU for me is more dependent on the skill level of the person I play more so than the character themselves.

RASH - I just cant find an answer to his shenanigans while using Omen. Very frustrating…its like he is always in Jago instinct with +2 frames. No matter what he does it works out for him.

Anyone who can jump…

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And so you have decided to post about it in an Aganos forum section?.. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOl I didnt even notice thats what this was lol… I just seen the title!

Ok…so as Aganos…my most problematic match up is…Riptor and Rash.

Speaking of which, her ability to compete in spacing using mobility and heavies, multi-hitting stuff and ways to break walls in a single combo definitely ensures quality time against her.

Fulgore is still the only one I don’t feel comfortable fighting with Aganos. So far every other mu whether he wins or not is whatever for me.

Man, after facing an onslaught of non stop Fulgore’s in ranked tonight, I realize that I understand even less about the matchup than I thought I did. Talk about an absolutely uphill battle, especially when it’s a player that knows how to punish what. I feel like he gets away with murder scott-free. I just wish his heavies weren’t as fast as my lights and mediums. I’m not saying I want Fulgore nerfed or Aganos buffed, but man, I don’t know what to do as soon as he gets into my head.

The more I play ranked in Killer league, the more I agree with this post. Personally to me, I feel that Fulgore and Maya are extremely tough, with Sadira and Riptor in 3rd and 4th but those are wildly dependent on player skill.

Ok so since Aganos players seem to have a hard time fighting Fulgore, I’ve come up with some tech using chunks that stuff Fulgore’s wakeup uppercut attempts that work off of forward and back throw, pulverizer ender, and level 1 and 2 chunk enders. I have posted what I have found in the tech thread:

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Been extremely busy recently to append to this thread because I’ve been wanting to fully grasp and understand the cast. But other projects I’m working on have taken the time to dedicate to this more.

I saw your anti-DP tech earlier, and while it is sound, I question how many Fulgore players would actually DP from mi-range, such as after a throw. Seems really unsafe to me due to the potential of whiffing.

That’s why you throw the jump in there off of the forward throw. Aganos is a big enough target to hit out of the air and Fulgore will want to avoid the low rock. Before I came up with this setup, I tried hitting Fulgore with meaty chunk on wakeup and jump in at the same time and their #1 reaction was to shadow DP. That’s what got me thinking about this. Even if they don’t uppercut and just simply block, it helps get Aganos in while also being safe. If timed just right, you can also make Fulgore’s shadow dash move (whatever it’s called) completely whiff under the jump and you can land in time to block if he does wakeup shadow teleport. This also works even better if there’s a wall behind them. I know I wouldn’t want an Aganos jumping at me if there’s a wall behind me so my first reaction would be to wakeup reversal.

On top of that, these setups will beat anything else that Fulgore will try to do. He has to sit there and block the low chunk or else he will eat a combo. These aren’t completely necessary to do, it’s just something there for Aganos to keep up the pressure against Fulgore which is a detriment to him since he’s such a momentum based character.

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