Who Would You Pick for the Starting Cast of KI2?

With Season 3 finished character-wise, we now have a grand total of 26 characters. Three of these are guest characters, meaning there are now 23 playable KI characters. What relevance does this have to the topic at hand? Well, I doubt all 23 characters would make it into the launch roster of a new Killer Instinct installment. With this in mind, I thought it would be interesting to get people’s thoughts on the issue. I had to settle on a number so I went with the tried-and-true fighting game number of 8 for this hypothetical situation. So, the question is:

If you could pick only 8 characters for the launch roster of a new KI, who would you pick?

  • Jago
  • Sabrewulf
  • Glacius
  • Thunder
  • Sadira
  • Orchid
  • Spinal
  • Fulgore
  • TJ Combo
  • Maya
  • Kan-Ra
  • Riptor
  • Omen
  • Aganos
  • Hisako
  • Cinder
  • Shadow Jago
  • Kim Wu
  • Tusk
  • Mira

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(Note: I left ARIA, Gargos and Eyedol off the poll since they are boss characters (and I needed to cut down on choices so the poll would work). I know it isn’t optimal, but sometimes compromises have to be made.)

Well, with that, get to voting. I look forward to seeing some interesting results :wink:



Characters I prefer to play the most. Not very story important characters.

I get leaving out the guests but i do think rash has potential to return. He’s assimilated into the ki roster pretty well and half the time i forget he’s from battletoads and not an original ki character



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Yeah, he would get an honarable mention from me aswell, he just seems to fit.

Holy ■■■■, Shago at 0%, the hate is real.

I picked Omen, Kan-Ra and Aganos because I think these characters are very interesting as concept, and I hope they can be made better design wise in a sequel.

I picked:
TJ Combo
Kim Wu

My Picks:
Jago - I picked him because he’s the quintessential hero/anti-hero of the series, and being the go-to standard, I think he’s a shoe-in.

Glacius - I picked him based on the novella. He rescued Eagle, which means, he’s still very much in action.

Fulgore - Another prominent and iconic character, like Jago, but also has ties to Eagle, whom we now know to still be alive.

TJ Combo - The every man who always gets back up, and as he always likes to say, “I’m not done yet!

Maya - The defacto leader of the renewed Night Guard, which I think would play a prominent part as the series continues.

Kan-Ra - The 1 villain who always seems to come back despite his failings. He’s that thorn in your side.

Kim-Wu - The quirky kid with a destiny and great potential. So, why not?

Mira - If Maya’s in the game, she’s got to have a counter, so…

My Non-Picks:
Sabrewulf - Drugs get the better of him; goes fully feral and disappears.

Thunder - With Eagle being found, his story arc ends, and is replaced with Eagle.

Sadira - Defeated and killed during battle by TJ Combo.

Orchid - Defeated and killed during battle as a tragic martyr.

Spinal - Defeated and destroyed during battle.

Riptor - Went extinct due to company policy.

Omen - Defeated and destroyed during battle by Maya.

Aganos - Defeated and destroyed during battle during a last stand; saves everyone.

Hisako - Goes back into “hiding.”

Cinder - Is captured and imprisoned by the Night Guard.

Shadow Jago - Defeated and destroyed by Jago and Orchid.

Tusk - Finally dies saving the world from both Gargos and Eyedol alongside Kim Wu.

Sabrewulf, Sadira, Spinal, Maya, Riptor, Aganos, Hisako, Mira

Jago: The main character of the game along with Fulgore.
Most of the game is based around the rivality between them.

Fulgore: Read above. Maybe a Fulgore 3.0.

Orchid: Ki isn’t really a KI without the sexy symbol of it.

Sabrewulf: I think Wulf’ story has a connection wtih Gargos, since he got corrupted/become more feral at KI2 and this one.
Maybe we’ll see him in the future.

Glacius/Cinder: Like Jago/Fulgore, a part of the game talks about the connection between them.
Maybe a side-part story will be cool.

TJ Combo: Imo, he’s the real martyr.

Omen: He’s the only real Gargos’ agent right here (i don’t count Shago, because he’s kinda Omen in a way).
And I think he should becomes a real threat by both sides, by assimilate mroe and more characters in the future.

You know, I feel that if I’m going to ask people this question, I should give my personal answer as well. Only seems fair.

My choices would be:

  1. Jago
  2. Orchid
  3. Glacius
  4. Hisako
  5. Cinder
  6. Maya
  7. Fulgore
  8. Kan-Ra

Jago - Jago is an obvious cornerstone. He just feels like someone who has to be in the game. He also serves as one of the big shoto archetypes, so that pretty much cements him for me.

Orchid - Orchid’s another character that kinda serves as one of the faces of KI. Not really my favorite, but she almost feels like a necessary character. In terms of her archetype, she provides some strong grounded rushdown, which is something that just screams KI to me.

Glacius - Glacius, while not the most necessary character, he kind of operates on his own. Glacius represents an entire section of the KI universe by himself currently, and the possibility of being able to venture further into it fascinates me. Beyond that, if the whole Eagle thing isn’t solved in this game or Kelvin is added at some point, I think that could provide more intrigue with him without removing what makes him special. Along with that, he pretty much the premier zoner of KI, so that’s another reason I’d want my ice paragon back and quick.

Hisako - The idea with Hisako that I had in my head was that, since ARIA kinda becomes fascinated with the concept of the human spirit after fighting Hisako, she continues to kick the bee’s nest so to speak as to lure Hisako to The Pinnacle so they can capture her somehow and experiment on her. I also wanted to have Hisako here because I wanted a good mix between seasons as well as some of the new characters, even if my choices only ended up on Seasons 1 and 2. She also serves as an interesting grappler, which will be needed.

Cinder - One of UltraTech’s most verbal agents, I think Cinder would fill an interesting role. He’d obviously be opposed to hero team and what-not, but he also functions as a way to rope Glacius into the story and make him feel welcome. I could easily see him being sent on a mission to recover Eagle’s body from Glacius or something along that line. I feel the Glacius/Cinder rivalry could be explored and expanded further, and that really makes me consider him as one of my choices, as well as the unique style of rushdown he brings.

Maya - Maya’s importance in the story only seems to grow as time marches on, and I feel it’s gotten to the point where I’d put her in the starting 8. Her grudge against UltraTech won’t dissipate after Gargos and Eyedol are defeated, and the fragile alliance they form will mean little, if anything, after that. There’s also the possibility that she could pursue Mira further, which would open up a multitude of possibilities. Maya also offers another unique style of rushdown, so I’m gonna go with that.

Fulgore - This one feels like it goes without saying. It’s Fulgore. He’s the face of KI. He’s easily the most recognizable character from the games. Where his story would go? Can’t really think off the top of my head, but that’s not important. He’s Fulgore, so he’s in. On top of that, he offers another strong zoning choice as well as another shoto option, so he’s a shoe-in

Kan-Ra - I saved Kan-Ra for last because, in my head, I have him pegged down as the boss character. My idea goes that once Gargos and Eyedol are defeated, before anyone can really take claim to their husks, the two opposing forces break their alliance at the drop of a hat. While everyone’s busy bickering, Kan-Ra slinks back to his lair with the bodies and gets ready for some dank magicks, using them to absorb the fading energies of both the Shadow Lords and putting it into him. His body becomes all whacked-out (even more so, I should say), but it makes him super strong and stuff. I don’t know, I have weird ideas, okay? He also offers another very different style of grappling, so there’s the cherry on the sand sundae I guess.

Well, that was long-winded. Either way, those are my choices. I rambled on enough, so I guess I’ll just leave it at that.

I would have expected you to pick Aganos, but I see you picked purely based on story reasons, didnt you feel tempted to put him in there?

I based mine purely on who I play and want to keep playing in a sequel. Having a game where I would be interested in playing all 8 out of 8 characters would be awesome. They could create a story around jist about any character of they wanted too.

Good to see solid interest in Hisako and Aganos in the poll.

That’s because they’re characters with absolutely great design and people love them (more than they hate them at any rate). :slight_smile:

I’m surprised nobody’s asked where ARIA is on this poll (or Eyedol and Gargos for that matter). :wink:

Some of these characters are being chosen to be kept on as the “faces” of KI, but what about Spinal? Is there no love for him? He’s been a popular face for KI for a very long time too (lord only knows his story could certainly be expanded upon - I kind of feel like he’s being left behind). :frowning:

Spinal’s my favorite character, always has been, but I’ve never considered him a staple of KI. He was on the cover of the original Killer Cuts and what-not, but compared to Jago, Orchid and Fulgore, he doesn’t feel like much of a staple. Maybe it’s because he’s never been too vital to the story. Jago’s our nice little Ryu and Orchid kinda serves as the the opposition to the main antagonist, and Fulgore kinda served as the face of the main antagonist back in the day when there was no ARIA. That’s my personal reason for not really considering Spinal a staple despite the fact that he’s always been my main boney dude.

KI2 already exists, they should focus on KI4.

My 8 picks:


Assuming they are all returning characters…

TJ Combo

You left out the best character? What kind of technological malfunction is this? But I still voted.

Which one?

Isn’t it obvious?