Who to main next

Got jago tj maya mira kim wu all at 50 i can use them but i feel like every one of them has the same bad match ups.

Should i try someone completely different? Say aganos glacious I’ll admit i have no patience i suxk at reading the matxh

If you choose the golem, let me know - I can show you some pretty sick setups.

Which characters are you struggling against?

I’m also debating this question since I am considering giving Jago a rest for a while.

Thinking RAAM, Tusk, Spinal, or Hisako.

Cinder :smiley:

RAAM is bae :slight_smile:

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outta those choices Spinal IMO is the most fun tho play.(he’s my alternate main)

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She’s the original Mira. :slight_smile:

RAAM is a LOT of fun. Such a good bully character. Cinder is also really neat.

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Really do want a Sadie mirror match/set with you and see if i can learn anything that i’m not currently utilizing/doing. #day1Sadiramain :sunglasses:

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I struggle vs alot of the cast. I been playing tusk might not last long these slow as normals are pissing me off

You have to time them with the opponent’s moves. Try to bait them into hitting you and hit HP. You’ll get a huge stagger and a chance for a manual follow-up. They’re whiff punish monsters, too.

The slow normals are hard to get used to but you need to keep in mind that Tusk’s effective range is much, much higher than many characters. The slowness of his huge sword swings doesn’t matter quite as much when you’ve got a handle on spacing them. Even aside from the common buttons of 5MP and 5HP he has fantastic options in 2MP and 5MK to use closer to the “standard” footsie range. Really tusk’s neutral game is overall fantastic, but his mixup game is pretty lacking compared to what many other characters can do.

Surely you had some characters in mind when you said “the same bad match ups”?

Jago aganos glscious hissako riptor fulgore kan ra arbiter rash and a good sadira and shago all murder me

Yeah i can evee get tusks st mk to hit. Going to lab him today

I posted in tusk section but off st mp st hp cr mp how do i combo of those?

I’ll be back on the KI scene soon. Been playing Destiny on PS4 quite a bit lately. :slight_smile:

RAAM a bully? Noooo…

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Yeah im hating tusk. I just got done maining wu and maya and mira are others i put time into any reccomendations this slow normal craps annoying