Who should I watch if I want to learn Kilgore?

also, does his 3.6 tech still apply in 3.7?

Domi is your call

Thanks. I am trying to do stuff from this video, but it appears that shadow rockets don’t knock down anymore, or am I messing something up?

Yeah, I believe it’s a bug, but I’m not sure right now. Not all the tech works atm, but most of it still works

Domi is good. Sleep also has some nasty stuff last I watched his streams.

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Look up a twitch streamer named Omaryo. The spelling is something close to that, but not fully accurate. Kilgore specialist that ive started watching of late.

I saw Sleep was streaming Kilgore today. That might help. I can’t recall his twitch… Hollywood Sleep maybe?
And as they mentioned above, Domi has some cool stuff too! But while watching today Sleep’s streaming I saw some interesting reactions on his side, very good player.

Shadow rockets don’t knock down standing opponents any more, but you can manual with any light normal, stMP, stMK, crMK, fHP, or crHK.
It seems to act more like a shadow linker now, and it still does incredible damage - but you can’t tack it on at the end of a combo for unbreakable damage so easily. You’ll need to either manual afterward xx ender to cash out, or manual a sweep beforehand and then do otgs (as it still hard knockdowns when you juggle with it).

UA Bass has some youtube videos of sets using pre-3.7 Kilgore, as well as a few group sets featuring other Kilgore players. They show some good neutral play.
I also recall hearing that Sleep used Kilgore almost exclusively in KIWC 2017 up until something like top 16. Definitely check him out.

Thank you all for tips. I am keeping on learning him, but I have a little problem…

How do I deal a lot of potential damage with him to cash out? People just not fall for chaingun shots and most of ways to approach are rly unsafe… after PD nerf he really feels like crippled Cinder…