Who resets monthly?

Who resets monthly and who just rolls through and keeps the rank?

For those that do reset how long does it typically take YOU personally to get back to GOLD and/or and how long to get back to KILLER?

When you first do reset back to qualifier and you have been killer before do you have to fight your way all the way back up to killer or does it just detect that you’re smoking everybody in it bumps you up to a higher rank?

–I finally hit gold this month at about 2 and 1/2 weeks in but my promotion match was (of course) against someone with more stars than I have fingers and I politely sent them a message letting them know it was my promo match. I won barely and achieved gold rank. After the match they just responded :

“UR welcome”

Lol anyhow I think I’m just going to try to get back to Gold again and win my promo fight without a handout… …

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It’s a question of chance really, just like ranking up to killer rank. I’ve requalified maybe 10 times so far, and the promotion match can be against a 10+ stars killer or a Master gold player, so… Same thing for the qualifying matches, sometimes you’re fighting killers all the way through, sometimes it’s much easier. (But I don’t requalify usually. The Killer rank resets automatically every month though, players stay killers but they have to gain points back every month, unlike the other ranks where there’s no reset.)


I generally don’t requalify. I’ve had to requalify when I had a system issue that cost me my rank. When I did requalify the last time, I won every qualify match and got into Gold. I won all but one match in Gold. During my Rank up, the Killer RQued. :sweat_smile: The total amount of hours it took me from start to finish was about 2 hours.

Since then I haven’t had to requalify.

Most of the time you see multi stars in Gold is due to inactivity. If you don’t play at all during a month, you can get requalifed.

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