Who OWNS rights to Eagle,since Fulgore has AI,IG & MS should?

The 93-94 KI had a little story if I remember right about Thunder’s hatred for Spinal because his having and curseing Eagle’s dead remains,if I rememeber right,ive talked to Maximillion about this but he never answers my messages,lol but anyways ,I suggested bringing back eagle with the storyline being that spinals cursed artifact could resurrect him but only a cursed version.
Somebody on the old forums said something about it would be expensive to get the rights for the Eagle character but that doesn’t make since because hes already in the game in s1’s storyline . I just think it would be a great idea to bring back Eagle in S3 as a walking dead type ,spinal and Thunder hybrid of course and of course being really ticked off ,
well one idea is that because he would be a zombie ,lol! but yeah same big size a Thunder but Skeletal and gory like spinal with a different but little Indian attire but more leaning on the look of SHOCK and AWE,blood and guts and the story of the cursed dead being from the spinal artifact,it just makes sense . But where is IG on the rights? like I said I think they already have the rights.

IG and MS do NOT have the rights to any characters that made their first appearance in the comics, as adam has already stated that they’d rather use their resources to make a brand new character than spend a lot of money to acquire the rights to a character who may not even be interesting.

Eagle is nothing more than a plot device for Thunder, in this new game, Season 1 AND 2 have already confirmed that Eagle is Fulgore, were they to put Eagle into the game as his own slot, Thunders entire purpose in the story is void and he’d no longer need a reason to be in the game

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I wouldn’t say this entirely, I could see Thunder holding purpose even after Eagle, there are certain plot angles you could explore. I think after finding Eagle, Thunder would probably continue to wage war on UltraTech as he had before as a means to satisfy some sense of justice or law. Even in his into, the subtitles show he’s saying “Now I go along with the Law…”

Whether it’s possible to use Eagle as part of the game since he’s a character first shown in the comics, that remains uncertain…

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Just give Thunder plasma claws and the Fulgore fighting style BANG! Eagle…

Bringing Eagle is kinda pointless. There would be no good Fulgore if Eagle was alive. I mean A.I. Fulgores are beaten down at some point. Don’t forget Fulgore endings. It shows the brand new Fulgore they have created. The Fulgore you see on rivals story mode is MkII so i believe MkIII has Eagle’s brain. The last thing this game deserve is another fiasco story about time travelling which is the only way they would save Eagle from being “cyberized”. Just saying. Let Eagle die, Let him rest in piece. The only reason why Thunder is in the game is that he has to find Fulgore Mk.3, beat him and bury Eagle remains. Thats it!