Who is your favorite DCU character?

Since injustice 2 is coming out who is your favorite character, or who you want to see in the game?

Martian Mahunter

Killer Croc

I’m stuck between death stroke and batman. Death stroke because I grew up on teen titans and loved Ron Perlmans voice acting for him, and batman because of the animated shows and the arkham series and because well you know…he’s batman.

I feel ya but batman is da truth.

*Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
*Robby Reed (Dial H for HERO)
*Martian Manhunter
*The Flash (Barry Allen)

*Music Meister
*Gorilla Grodd


Batman is where its at because I grew up watching “The Batman” and the animated movies especially “Gotham knight” one of the first and the other movies to follow such as “Under the Red Hood”.Then the show “Batman Beyond” came to mind when I saw his awesome costume while reading a comic and then a show called “Batman the brave and the Bold” came out as soon as I finished.Other than that the dark knight and animated movies till now are the bomb.Thanks to him I have a fetish for ninjas,assassins and agents alike.

For me it’s Batgirl

Because of her godlike vortex or because she’s just your favorite,just kidding.

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Probably. Lmao. I got hooked on her after she got shot

When she got shot,oh man.To be honest by the way she got knocked back by a pistol shot I was like dat ain’t no pistol that’s a shotgun homie.

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I would like to see killer croc or killer moth.

Croc might happen

The dark knight himself. I love that because he is just a human compared to his superhuman buddies he relies more on his wits and intelligence rather than brute strength or superpowers

… If you didn’t already know… XD

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I already know how detailed those cheeks are though,just kidding.

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Batman I don’t necessarily like him, as much as I like his world. (Gotham)

That’s where everything goes down.

The Phantasm

“Your Angel of Death Awaits…”

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Although being a bad girl is fun… there is only one female I want to play in Injustice 2.

Wonder Woman is boss. :stuck_out_tongue: