Who is the current King/Queen of Forum Posts?

Simple question:
Which of us has posted the most and will be crowned as the current forum king/queen? :crown:

I myself, currently stand at a whopping 4.4K posts (according to my forum profile’s summary page), as of this post.
What’s yours?

Jeebus. I’m only at 1.2k. Do you live here?


Go outside. Please. XD

I’m only at 1.6k.

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4.5k posts created

I have to be in the top 10!

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I can’t wait to hear the backlash

2.8k created

1.4k likes given

1.3k liKes received

Quantity isn’t really a valid criterion worthy of a crown. There has to be some assessment of merit, otherwise we’re operating on dark-ages methodology. If we are casting votes for crowns, I vote @Infilament. Hands down most constructive forum member, give the man a cookie.

One thread of silk is worth more than any mountain of dookie.

That said, I’m down in the peasant tier with a mere 300ish.


While he deserves every cookie he receives for his contributions, we’re talking strictly numbers here (quantitative over qualitative). If you want to talk about quality (or about other notable forum stats), feel free to make another thread. :wink:

@FallofSeraphs76 Dang it! I wanted to be on top. :’(

@SonicDolphin117 Meh, I went outside yesterday… It didn’t go over well. :cloud_rain:

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806 :heart: received

Gauntlet thrown.

(Fully expecting Infil to annihilate my meagre tally of likes.)

Oh, and 1.0k posts.

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828 :heart: for me.

It’s official, Geek you have no life. :joy:

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Well, I’ve known that since the end of June, since that’s when I stopped teaching for the summer. Speaking of which, school starts up next week! Even more interseting - I’ll be a student again rather than the teacher! Yay! :smiley:

It’s about time to buckle down and get that BS degree. :mortar_board:

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Lol. I was for a LONG time, but I don’t post like I used to.

You all might be better posters…

But I was the first person EVER to get Rukari’s “That’s Crazy Son!” Badge. 1,000 posts before anyone else.

Ostrich out.

Drops mic


only 1.4k posts lol

127.5k read and 2.9k posted.

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I’ll post when I have time and energy. If I’m bored I’ll post more frequently but I’m not taking too much time out of my day to just sit here and type.

Where do I even find out my like total?

Oh, there it is. Looks like I have 3.8k of the heart things, and 2.0k posts. I guess that’s a lot? I never check these things, lol.


How do I only have 738 posts? I feel like I have done way more.
I have given out 2.2k likes though, so there is that!

2.6K :heart: over here, since you guys are so adamant about it.

About 2300 posts, with approximately 2700 :heart:'s received.
I say that’s a pretty decent ratio. :slight_smile: I can live with that


1.8k posts