Who is strong against him?

So…since you can imagine I want to train another character for this MU which can be hard (depending on the Glacius player’s level) for Wulf’s players.
I like Jago, Fulgore, and of course Glacius. I don’t like season 2 characters that much (won’t touch Kan Ra for instance). Oh wait, I like Riptor and Maya to play them once in a while, but I think I like Omen more.

What character you feel is good against Glacius overall? I mean, I don’t want to give up on Wulf but even high level Wulf players struggle with this MU =S

Fulgore and Spinal are the obvious choices. I get the sense that Glacius players have figured out those matchups to an extent, but even then the ability to play fireball teleport shenanigans alongside strong up-close pressure still tip the matchups in their favour. Jago does alright too. People had this pegged as a slightly bad matchup for Jago, but I think the reality is that it’s a deep one with a lot of specific aspects that both sides can improve on. Shadow Jago might have a better time of this matchup, for similar reasons to Fulgore and Spinal: he can basically teleport in with a mixup, and he has a credible fireball game that Glacius players may have to respect. I can’t really speak to the rest of the season 1 cast.

I don’t think Riptor is the way to go, for similar reasons to Wulf. I could see Maya doing well, since she can cross the screen quickly and her daggers are really good, but also Glacius might be the best character in the game at making Maya’s daggers wind up at the other end of the stage. I could picture Omen doing fairly well, since a flurry of random fireballs is probably a decent way of breaking up hails and instinct armor, but also his jump might be easily sniped by a lance. Hisako and ARIA might be worth a look, though I can’t tell you that I know anything about the matchups.

So I guess the firm recommendations I can give whilst still sleeping well at night include Spinal, Fulgore, and Shadow Jago.

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Maya’s pretty good against him.

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Sadira is also a good choice, BUT you have to stay just above his head. As a lot of Sadira’s pressure relies on her being in the air, if you aren’t careful he’ll just snipe you with HK.

Glacius is literally helpless if Sadira can stay up close and just out of reach of Puddle Punch. You can continuously pressure him to prevent frequent hail creations…

Its much tougher for Sadira against him in Season 2 than it was in S1…

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Fulgore is one, but considering some of the nerfs to is CQC this may rmeain to be seen in season3.

Rushdowns usually are good against Glacius, IF you can get to him.

One word: Chuck Norris.

I’m afraid Sabrewulf will have it even harder after the buffs on Glacius =(

Is he going to be a guest character? =P

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Chuck Norris’s ultra is infinite and he won’t use instinct mode and ender during ultra…

So I’ve been away for quite awhile. But I’ve been maining Glacius since day 1 of the games release.

If you’re specifically looking for someone to use against Glacius I would mostly suggest Spinal or Kan Ra (at least until S3).

Sadira also beats Glacius on paper, but as mentioned before, she needs to be right in his vortex to be truly effective, otherwise Glacius can zone her out.

The thing about Spinal and Kan Ra is they are very technical.

You’ll wanna make your own choice but if you want my 2 cents:

Don’t pick a character to counter Glacius. Even in the matchups he wins (which are few) he still has to be very specific about how he plays them. Do yourself a favor, and just get comfortable in the matchup with whoever you like. In terms of fighting games, this is one of the most balanced I’ve ever played.

I would stick with the same character, even if he has the advantage, it’s not that big an advantage. Does he have 7-3 matches…?

With season 3 the whole game balance will change and any favorable matchups might not stay that way.

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You see, I’m the type of person that won’t change her main. Is not that I want a 100% counterpick but I’bve always have a second main. It’s funny though, whenever I have doubts in a match I always go back to my main, even if all the stakes are in favor of my opponent XD

Getting in might be tough but once you there you can pretty much own him so long as you’re careful of wake ups. Now obviously it will be tougher, especially for Cinder, who’s faster travel is his trailblazer which sadly has NO priority over anything, (reasonable because of direction, but come ON! not even Shadow Trailblazer is hardly as versatile as the normal one)

I ca say this; in Cinder vs Glacius this match up was in Glacius favor before, not it has the potential to not even be remotely close.

Easier question would be, “Who isn’t strong against him?”

Especially now that they have made him weaker.

I still believe he is very good vs Wulf. It’s not a match up I enjoy at all. His damage isn’t the same but vs Wulf damage…It’s a lot better no doubt. I will train Fulgore for this MU.

Does anyone know how rash does against him? I thought I knew the matchup but apparently not.

I think Rash does pretty well, you can eat hail and you have good movility. HK destroys the armour and has amazing range. As Glacius I have had problems with good Rash players, but maybe a Glacius main can tell you better.

It’s not that bad of a MU. The Glacius player needs to be on point though with timing.

I disagree with your Fulgore assumption of sorts, given that I’m a Fulgore main and probably every time I’ve faced a Glacius in ranked, I’ve lost, unless I’m locky and the person pretty much isn’t playing.

I’ve been trying to make Glacius players regret their character choice for as long as I can remember, but Glacius is still not a zoner as he should be imho. This means that whilst on paper Fulgore should be able to beat him, it takes relatively little skill to win against Fulgore as Glacius via hail and QCB+k, not to mention liquidising under all the useful fireballs I try and put out.

Oh well.

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Hey, you’re not alone there. I always default back to my true main in a hard match up, even if it’s counter intuitive. Comfort with a character gets you farther than match up numbers any day.

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