Who is Omen's Voice Actor?

I read somewhere that it was MaximillianDood of YouTube Fame, but I’m not sure that’s correct. Anyone know if this is correct? If not, who really voices him?


Max has specifically stated that other than a story-placeholder, which is now gone, he has not done any voicework for the game whatsoever. :wink:

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I’m not sure who is Omen’s Voice actor, but I’m sure you can ask one of the Devs.

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I seriously doubt the Developers have the time or patience to talk to a regular person. How would one ever get in contact with them?

Apparently you’re new. The devs talk to US on HERE pretty much ALL of the time. :wink:


I’m sure if you tag one of the devs, they will pop in and chime us in with the answer.

Cool, and sorry for being stupid, but how do I do that? Tag one of the devs, that is.

you use the @ symbol and there name like so… @RockLegend28

@TheKeits @TempusChaoti

Omen is voiced by IG’s audio director! :sunglasses:


Did this person choose to remain uncredited as far as they’re voice is concerned? None the less, that is awesome! Thanks for the answer! :smile:

Who voiced Cinder ?

It says on Linkedin the lead audio designer and Director at Iron Galaxy is Chase Ashbaker