Who is cuter: Hisako or Shin Hisako?

  • Hisako
  • Shin Hisako
  • Both

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Between Hisako and Shin Hisako, I personally now find Shin Hisako, appearance-wise AND in terms of physical features/appearances, to be MUCH MORE cuter than Hisako for me here :slight_smile: :grin: :blush:

There the same person why would there be a diffrence

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Where’s the “neither” option?


With that hair and being a style thief of Kim wus weapon shin loses lol

Sadira. :wink:

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Yes we’re going to need a neither option if we’re rating a zombie corpse ghost woman. I bet there are all sorts of nasty worms in that thing too… ghost worms…

They are both hot.

Both minus the shark Teeth.

Depends on the stage lighting :smiley:

Can’t believe you people think this is cute…

… There’s something seriously wrong with you guys! XD


What you aren’t into girls with huge teeth?

I’m not even into girls with regular teeth.

She’s “cute” like kitten, not sexy cute.

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That’s… still not what I would call her. At all… like… no, that’s just wrong. XD

If you think people finding Hisako cute is weird clearly you didn’t see the thread where Riptor was voted the best wife in KI.


Seems like we’re in a community full of furries (scalies?) and necrophiliacs. XD
Or whatever you’d call someone having the hots for a murderous, psychopathic ghost…

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Liking your comment for “ghost worms”

Can confirm “scalies” is the term for Riptor lovers :slight_smile:

Who is cuter

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I love riptor.

That doesn’t mean I would even Consider dating her.