Who is best girl of KI s3? Part Deux Redux: Electric Boogaloo


  • Hisako
  • Riptor
  • B. Orchid

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  • ARIA
  • Mira
  • Maya
  • Sadira
  • Kim Wu

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After 2 weeks the polls are closed and 97 of you came out and voted for who YOU thought best girl is for KI.

Now we get to see who is the bestest of the best girl. If your fav was voted out, fear not. Theres still a chance to see her in the number one spot to face one of the top 3 contenders.

Will one of our dark horses make your dreams come true or will she drown in pools?

Vote now!

Once again your criteria can be ANYTHING. Aesthetics, mechanics, storyline, nostalgia, viability, power rankings and everything in between. Post down below why you think who you voted for is best girl.

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Rotting flesh is bad…its’ not healthy. Seriously…it’s not. Get that checked asap.

But again, ARIA because robot booty is best booty.

For my top 3 vote I picked B. Orchid. I acknowledge Hisako’s tournament readiness but Orchid has a special place in my heart being my Main Shago’s sister. Shes one of the central characters of season 1’s storymode imho, her presence being intrinsic in at least 2 different character’s storylines.

Shes a strong straight-forward character that dont need no gimmicks.

For my losers bracket pick I went with Mira. I respect a character thats willing to literally kill herself to kill you in the process. And Cammy was my first main in a fighting game.

Hisako’s got no flesh to rot, she’s a ghost. So, really, she’s as squeaky-clean as our mighty robot overlord - who, being a genderless A.I. only cheated her way into the competition on a booby-related technicality. To that end, she’s no more lady than Meatloaf.

I voted Hisako because she’s my favorite trope of those represented in the cast, and I don’t think I’ve seen her trope repped in any other fighter.

Losers bracket vote was Mira, because more horror tropes.

Riptor forever and always.

I don’t care what anyone says, Kim Wu is a beautiful little firecracker.

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Squeaky clean? No…that’s rotting flesh. The easiest example is her feet. Blacker then charcoal.

Psh, ARIA’s more lady like then the rest of the females put together and thensome. Girl’s got class.

Riptor because of the trope, nastolgia, and so on. :slight_smile: She she may not be every lady like but then again. Most animals are not anyway

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