Who is Argent Shroud?

Who is Argent Shroud?
Why does he look like Gargos?
Dose he have a connection to Gargos?
Is He stronger, weaker or the same as Gargos?
Where does he come from?
Is he Gargos or someone else?
Will he have something to do with K.I’s Story in the future?
If he is Just a color for Gargos then why is it named Argent Shroud?
Is he the same race as Gargos?
Is he the next Shadow Lord?

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Umm… I don’t understand what are you talking about… We never heard Argent Shroud before. :confused:

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Argent Shroud is the name of the Platinum Color for Gargos but I fined it odd they call it Argent Shroud and not Platinum. So I feel he might be another character. I could be wrong. It could just be the name of the color and nothing more but if he is another character and just made him a color because he is meant to look like Gargos because he is the same race as him well then refer to the question’s above.

Where is this name shown in the game? A quick Google search defined “Argent” and “Shroud” as “silvery” and “a thing that envelops or obscures something” so its basically a fancier way of saying Platinum color. You may be reading too much into this.


In the color selection.

Maybe but I like to speculate. The Name sounds like a character so I like Imagine/Believe it is one.

Argent means Silver in French, by the way.

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…and what is the symbol for silver on the periodic table of elements? :wink: