Who is a better boss Eyedol or Gargos

I think eyedol is better but who do y’all think was a better fighting game boss?

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GARGOS! Obviously!

Eyedol? Booo!


Gargos definitely. Eyedol was just plain cheap to me. At least with Gargos you actually had to think and his boss fight overall felt more like a fair fight (in which when you lose it’s mostly YOUR fault).

P.S Also he has the better boss music to me.


Gargos was overly generic in KI2, though his 2016 reimagining looks fantastic.

Out of the first two games : EYEDOL!

After playing both the games and beating both, Eyedol IMO seems like he was a better boss for the time. He is cheap af and difficult to beat, while I can beat Gargos pretty easily. Back when these games were around those uber cheap a** difficult bosses are what made them memorable (Shao Kahn, Kintaro, Bison, Akuma etc.) and Eyedol seems like he fits in close with those guys’s difficulty, more than KI2 Gargos.

Though IG’s take on Gargos is looking mighty fine and I think he could be the boss the og Gargos should have been.

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I hated Eyedol with a passion, but overall I always thought he was the better boss. Gargos was kind of a chump to beat.

Eyedol remains my favorite fighting game boss of all time
(20 year old cheap AI gameplay not taken into consideration. I’m talking design)…

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Eyedol obviously he was challenging bosses are supposed to be challenging. All the above. Eyedol all the way :slight_smile:


This discussion again?

OK people, listen up… what they WERE is not what this will ALWAYS be! Eyedol WAS cheaper in KI1, he might be completely different if reimagined / reworked by IG. Gargos WAS lamer design-wise in KI2, but look at him now!

BTW, IG already teased that Gargos will be cheap as Hades in this iteration…