Who has time to help this aging warrior get back to speed?

Took a big detour through other games, but am already finding T7 a bit flat. I need meter management and the lovely and delicious BULLSHIT of KI (meant that as a compliment!). I also like stuff flying all over the screen and shenanigans that only KI currently has.
So, who wants to have a bit of patience and get me back to speed? I’m in the EU but my connection is good enough to play overseas (ping at 10ms). Used to main ARIA, but I want to move to Eyedol now as a challenge. Can hack a few other characters as well, why not.


I’m busier now more than ever, but still add me DurtyDee810.

I main Omen and pocket Cinder. My hotel connection in Chicago this week is going to be crap, so we probably won’t get a set anytime soon.


I’m usually on a few hours a day after work and have a two week vacation coming up so I’ll be free for quite a while. I play most the cast but main thunder. Hippie103 if interested