Who has the highest record for lost promotion matches?

Just lost my 5th trying to go from silver to gold lol!

noooo…not like this…was about to play my 6th promotion match…and the guy left before match even started…what an anticlimactic way to get gold =(


good thing the jail system still not in place cause you would have getting rekt in not ben able to play online for an hour

I’ve now beaten the first gold person I’ve faced since becoming gold myself - ahhhh…first to 3…how I’ve missed you!!!

I read your 1st post, Tyrant, and was all like, “I feel for ya man.” Then I read your 2nd post and couldn’t help but feel even worse for you (and laugh at the same time).

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I’m on number 3 for bronze to silver…


You can do it bro!

I’m new to the game, and have like 97 losses and 20 wins XD…

I made it to silver, but I quite promotion matches because I kept getting destroyed by other players.

EDIT: My rank was reset, so I’m not going to put myself through hell again getting back to silver. I’ll probably end up having like 20 losses and 2 wins XD

Keep going bro! you can do it!


Thanks man :’) , is good to know that the bro’s cheer you up

That will probably be me once I finally decide to jump back into Ranked mode, I still have to do my 10 qualifying matches again lol

man, I so wanted to have the highest record but I failed you guys by winning my silver promotion match on the first try. I am the biggest loser.

@RafaMang don’t give up. I started Bronze the same way with a W15-L30 or something record. But having killers in Bronze is tough and it takes time for them to move up.


Man, I love this game so much that I don’t care to get wrecked every time I go online, besides one gets stronger every day. Just be constant.

@BoJima404 Thank you for the cheer up :smiley:

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No-one shall take my crown

don’t worry I haven’t reached Gold yet. I shall not disappoint you (again).

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Well I played a crap Qualifier for my promotion match. It was cool to get back to Killer, but I’m sure the Qualifier wasn’t happy.