Who else wants to hear Atlas & CellDweller remake the KI Title Theme music?

First of all, How are yall doing. Greetings to all Killer instinct war generals and My lovely KI developers who have kept it strong up till this moment. Me and my Legion of Nigerian Killer Instinct War generals appreciate and welcome yall to the New Forum.

First topic i wanna touch on is the Killer instinct Title theme music ( as in the theme that plays on the KI home screen when you launch Killer instinct, I was always of the personal opinion that that theme is a little mellow and soft sounding for KI and needs a complete overhaul or remake for a more fire filled theme that pumps you up just like we had in Ki1 and Ki2 gold… At the risk of sounding like the Old nostalgic me. I would like Atlas plug and CellDweller to remake a new Fire filled Epic theme that is more KI worthy ( Loud , In Your ears, Epic, and Pumps you up for a battle Kind of theme )

In addition to the S3 theme Atlas and cell are making, I would personally want to hear Atlas Plug and Celldweller’s rendition of the KIller instinct title theme music and probably replace the one we currently have there if it blows up. ,
If you agree and want Atlas and Cell to remake the KI theme music Kindly state your reasons, If no state your reasons as well…

Kindly keep your comments civil and no personal attacks as usual.

Much respect to yall and am very happy that Atlas Plug and Melody King Celldweller are our new guys for Season 3

Do you agree that Atlas and celldweller should remake Killer instinct Title theme for us ? lets discuss!

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I’m up for their own version of the theme, but I don’t think it should completly replace it. Maybe we can have the option to select between themes, and even the originals too.

Would be pretty cool to hear their take on the theme for sure. Also, I still want to hear the full version of first iteration that mick did but the probability of that happening now is 0% since he left :frowning: (vid of that theme below)

I’d like to see the new composers’ take on the KI theme but I DO NOT want it to replace Mick’s. That very theme, the way it’s composed, the sounds and everything have stuck with he since KI3 released. I find myself humming it everyday no matter what Im doing, its like its implanted in my brain and I love it!

Don’t agree at all. Love the current one and think it fits perfectly. IT’S KI in my ears. True to the original score. Just my opinion.

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The current theme is so good. Not saying what they would do wouldn’t be as good but i do not see the point. If this does happen please allow it to be optional. I’m down for added anything to this game as long as it doesn’t straight up replace it.

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That’s nothing more than a demo. The earliest iteration before his multi-layering and effects.

I’d love to hear a new version as well, he’ll if he left, why not let the new group make a new theme. I do, however, like the dynamic 16 hit or more combo music for ARIAs stage

No thanks. If they release a season 3 ost it would be cool to have them include one, but I really don’t want Mick’s taken out of the game. Wouldn’t feel right.