Who do you think has the best ultra (currently)?

As the the title suggests who do you guys think has the best ultra combo in the current roster in terms of how they look, sound, their duration, ender, or your own personal preference?

Shadow Jago.


I’m stuck between gargos, shago, and arbiter they all sound badass.

I’ll always be partial to Sabrewulf’s ultra. Just has such a beefy rhythm and fluid animation. Best served on Jago’s stage with a Flip Kick and a Howl as a chaser.


Spinal’s cause it just looks like pure chaos, it sounds amazing on his own stage with the battle cries interrupting the Ultra sounds every now and then and also that little running kick he does in the middle to really “put the boot in.” Quick, satisfying and full of skeletal goodness. :grin:

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Shago, Spinal, Cinder, Jago, Aganos, Glacius, Mira, Kan-Ra, Gargos & Rash.

ARIA. That musical number of symphonic destruction. Then throw on her ultra combo theme and it flows perfectly.

I’m leaning towards Shago as well. It’s varies, fluid and distinctly measured all at the same time.

Style: Shadow Jago
Sound: Kim Wu
Duration: Jago
Ender: Tusk

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Shago is my favorite because of the rhythm.


I still like regular jago’s ultra combo, it flows well and ends with a hype uppercut.


Shadow Jago by far.

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Jago and Shago hands down.

Everything just flows so well with them in all areas.


3.Sabrewulf/Fulgore (just because of the hype beam)

I like her ultra ender more than her actual ultra it shows her sassy slap afterward.

I thought it was more a kiss.


Oh well I haven’t done her ultra in a while so I thought it was a slap, either way it’s still cool to see lol.

Oddly enough she’s the only one with an extra animation after an ender.

I guess it’s because she’s season 2s “boss character” so she got something no one else could have.

Most likely seeing as how gargos gets a different ender in his ultra and shago gets his ultimate I suppose.

Ah yes, it’s not a kiss or a slap. It’s like she thought about her actions and ended with “hmmmm” or “humph” as in not worth it. Least that what it looks like.