Who best compliments Aganos?

Kind of an odd post to make here, but it seemed appropriate enough.

What characters best compliment Aganos? I’m an Aggy main, but in any fighting game I play, I always have a co-main/secondary character. This is suboptimal for a new player I know, but it’s just how I am, I have a lot more fun playing more than one character. I try not to over do it though and play threem or more, and instead find my main then typically look around for another character that covers that main’s bad matchups. I’m not asking for the community to choose my character for me or anything, but rather make some suggestions that give me a starting point. I struggling like hell just to pick my characters in KI as I like too much of the cast.

So who all on the roster works well with Aggy?

Well, if you follow the story at all (spoiler warning), he and Thunder become best buds. When you want it to flow, you’ll want these bros - 'cause they know their throws and their blows better than anyone (unless you’re compensating for something by carrying a giant sword… cough Tusk cough). :wink:

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I find Aganos to be a good cover for my Riptor, so I guess try Riptor

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Thanks guys, interestingly enough Thunder and Riptor were both on my maybe list.


That’s a pretty hard question as a lot of the characters cover Aganos’ bad aspects. Sabrewulf, Spinal, and Fulgore cover Aganos’ lack of speed and generally poor mixup. Glacius and Kan Ra are great at playing a better ranged game than him as well. Aganos can do all of these things but he’s not the best in any of the respective fields so it’s all up to you.

As for me, I’d personally choose someone like Omen or ARIA as I feel both of them offer a crazy-go-nuts gameplay style compared to Aganos’ usually heavy footsie and counterpoke gameplay. I’m not saying those two are “random” but their gameplay is a great deal more hectic than what the big man has.

Which is why they don’t COMPLIMENT him at all. Besides, they’re evil; he isn’t. That’s a bad matchup all around, IMO.

Well, assuming the purpose of the secondary is to cover bad MU’s, then having one whose playstyle differs radically can be desirable. If nothing else, it will offer a significant change of pace if he switches off Aganos for the alt. And lore concerns probably don’t matter to most people.

If you want someone who can defend himself against some of the nastier pressure options in the game, Jago is always a solid bet. Jago might not outright win a billion MU’s, but he sure as heck doesn’t lose them either. If you’re pretty sound fundamentally, he’s always a nice character to have in your back pocket.

If you want to go more mixup heavy with your alt, I’d recommend Sadira actually. She does pretty well in some of the fights Aganos struggles with, and her gameplay is nothing like the golems, so you get a pretty serious playstyle “differential” when you switch off to her.


Thanks for the continued advice folks. It’s still up in the air right now but these suggestions are helping to narrow down my list quite a bit.

Sadira I tried a little but she just didn’t click well with me for some reason. I don’t like the jumpy play style too much.

I saw Fulgore played last night in a slighlty different way than I had seen him played up until then, teleport mixups into throws and very short, basic combos, which I liked the look of quite a bit. So I may spend a little time with him and see how I like it… The issue being though that ‘a little time’ may not yield many results, since he has a reputation as a very difficult character to play well.

Ideally I’ll get some time today to put in to Riptor and Gore and one or two other and see if someone jumps out at me during actual play and not just on paper/training mode.

Fulgore? That’s like pairing technology and nature together. :stuck_out_tongue:

Which sounds super awesome!

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t even know Aganos’s backstory.

Quick question, is the difficulty on the story mode adjustable? I mean, I played maybe… 10 story matches and got annihilated, every combo broken on the first try, perfect, unfailing anti-airs, and completely overwhelming offense, like I couldn’t hit a button. It just seemed… Silly.

Interesting, I was thinking about something similar. As Aganos, I hate facing Maya and Sadira, and other characters are also a bit problematic. What character can be the exact opposite and challenge these characters?

Right now, I’m getting good results with Rash and Tusk. Still, there is much to test here…

I’m not sure if that’s what concerns people when they are looking for an alt. That said, isn’t Aganos just as much of a piece of technology as Fulgore, what’s with them both being artificial combat units? Just created with vastly different technologies, that’s it.

Kan Ra

Keep your friends close, keep enemies closer.

That’s why I like the golem; h’s eityher/or depending on whether you pick his retro or not. :wink: