Who are your favorite opponents?

Lol. It’s all good. I love @STLemonHunter for instance, but I hate playing him :joy: So I feel you.


thanks Storm :heart:

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Ugh ok, i cave. . . . . . . . . . . . I’ll make my top 5 list.

  1. @Tyzo the best cinder player to play against imo. He beat me repeatedly and always was up for games. This guy really made ki so fun to experience in a match up i hated playing. You play cinder in and Out (like i think how He’s suppose too ).

  2. @STVeronezi everytime we play I’m on tilt. I enjoy your aggression. I still can’t read you. It hurts you and it helps you. I’m afraid of what i don’t know with you honestly. I don’t believe in rash vs kan ra because of you :joy:

  3. @STORM179 thank you for oppressing me in ki. I’ve never been so mad to not get to play with your hisako. I genuinely feel like you’re the main player that helped me defend better in fighting games. Plus hisako just ruins my day on knockdown.

  4. @STLemonHunter my favorite fulgore player. I love being vortexd in The corner (sarcasm) but You have a really dirty offense when You get started. Our games always come down to what adaptations we made in the middle of the set.

  5. @ZTRAINOVER9000 i enjoy how talented you are for such a young player. Tighten up certain things and you’d be scary dude. It’s fun to play your miraid of characters but your maya stands out the most. The fundamental offense is there. You do a lot of things right.

Honorable mentions:

@TheNinjaOstrich your ability to hit with anything still scares me. You have cojones.

@SonicDolphin117 you’re the reason i believe arbiter is still good hahahaha :joy: besides your neutral and ability to read your opponent is rare. It’s freaking good.

Plenty more ppl i didn’t name but i love you all the same.


Whoops. XD

Unfortunately, it’s gonna be some time in the vague future. I fried my 360>XB1 converter, and it’s gonna be some time before gaming can be budgeted in. I hate to duck ya for so long, but most likely won’t be sorted til Summer or so.

I had taken for granted how expensive a hobby even F2P gaming is…

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