Who are some good Kan-Ra players to watch other than just Sleep?

I’d like to find some good Kan-Ra players to watch and not have to rely on just Sleep’s gameplay of him in S3 which is good but annoying to dig through and find since he plays so many characters. Any other good Kan-Ras that go under the radar that post gameplay or stream? Thanks!

I have streamed some Kan Ra gameplay, not much, but some. you can find it on my twitch channel in my most recent broadcast.

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I don’t know many. I do know @KevBones10 has a descent Kan-Ra though. Now watch? I don’t know.

TheOneandOnly is another one.

Second best Kan from what I seen. Think he went to CEO and did really well.

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That’s correct.

Balsamic SU [バルサミコ酢] is another good Kan-Ra, even though I’ve only seen his performance at this past KSB event.

Mikosu [ミコス] is another good Kan-Ra player. He plays with OGTY and his scene in Japan. I’m sure there’s some match videos on his YouTube channel.