Which version of KI should I buy please?

HI there, I have Season 2, and all the costumes and packs from Season 1. I’m afraid to lose those if I get the Definitive Edition on disc, but for $10 more than Season 3 (which I don’t have)that seems like a deal.

Will the 2 versions “merge”, or does the Definitive Edition come with all the costumes and such?

Thanks everyone for help and advice!


You need to get eh Defintive edition. You will not LOOSE anything. You cant go wrong with the DE because you then will own everything. You even get Gold skin pack #2 for free if you buy Gold #1 due to being a DE owner.

DE is only 20$? Just go for it man… you get 2 gargos skins and a bonus KI app with music and videos and artwork and all kinds of goodies.


DEFINITVE it’s the best one, gets you EVERYTHING!

Thanks you two, pulled the trigger on DE. See you online!


You can think of Definitive Edition as an unlock everything purchase. Definitive Edition gets you an app with soundtracks (retro and new), artwork, etc., and it also unlocks everything else in the main game, plus the two arcade games! Whatever you still don’t have is downloaded and added. The only thing it doesn’t include are those new shadow skins that debuted in Shadow Lords.

That was a limited time deal. Pretty sure that’s no longer a thing

But yeah, the DE is the best way to go. All the content you’re currently missing and more exclusive stuff.

Why wouldn’t it be a thing? If you own the DE and buy Gold #1, Gold 2 is free?

LIMITED TIME DEAL usually implies it’s only available for a limited time. Gold pack 2 was free to people who had DE when Gold Pack 2 was released. If it’s been a full 2 weeks since that happened, then it’s safe to assume that’s why we’re seeing people who bought the DE but didn’t get the free Gold Pack 2. Same reason why people who bought the S3 Ultra edition didn’t get 18k KI Gold if they bought it later in the year.


First come first serve

Get it while it’s hot