Which topics have become annoying and unreasonable in KI?

I hope this isn’t troubling to ask, but since 2017 is coming down the road, and with new updates and possibly members being added soon, one of things I think we might need to be mindful of are the chances of having rehash topics relating towards KI that have been dealt with several times before, and have often lead towards bad communication and behavior from certain members with their lack of using reason.
So from this point forward, which topics would you say in your own personal experience, have often caused some of that kind of friction, and have they become somewhat irritable to discuss?

For example, I personally cannot stand topics that talk about the retro costumes, particularly with the classic characters like Orchid, Thunder, etc… Sometimes there’s been certain members complaining about needing to make them look “right”, but their flawed reasoning can’t allowed them to understand the amount of time it would consume, and other personal reasons that devs have made clear before and are still getting accused of certain accusations like being “politically correct”.

Others topics I think, but you’re welcome to disagree, might get a little bothersome are discussions on which season is the best, since the game is always evolving with new characters, it gets kinda pointless when there’s this need to go back a step to make certain players “comfortable”.
Do characters need Ultimates topic, I personally think at this point, its becoming a annoying request. Yes they would be cool to add, but we shouldn’t pressure the devs into designing them until they find the time to do so.

Again, these topics are only bothersome to me, but which ones have you found tend to lean on that direction?

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  1. S4 vs KI4
    While personally I’m more on the boat for a sequel, the number of topics people make about this subject is ridiculous! Mainly because in the end it just turns into one big slugfest over something we don’t even know what’s going to happen. It’s all just speculation mixed with paranoia.

  2. Ultimates
    Yes, I get it. Many people want ultimates and the devs for sure knows this too (heck the survey proves this too). Honestly this topic is really beating a dead horse at this point all for just an alternate finisher.

  3. Any topic that involves aesthetics (like stages, costumes, accessories, etc.) This is more of a personal annoyance as I’m the type of person that greatly prefers gameplay over aesthetic stuff. Don’t get get me wrong I’m not saying I DON’T want them, but at the same time I’m not personally BEGGING for them. Like ultimates, I’m sure the devs are aware how much people want this so the thousands of topics about this is becomes rather annoying. To me, the aesthetic stuff is like icing on a cake. Are they good to have? Yes of course. But are they really an absolute MUST? Again that’s just me.

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Anytime I ask for tech using Shago. :I

lol. I posted a fulgore instinct rant thread that’s pretty annoying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart: