Which knife should be thrown first

is there any tactic in throwing daggers? they both seem to be minus 4 on the block, the move in the manual says one of the daggers has 0 on the block. what’s wrong. the excel table shows minus four for both daggers. So, it doesn’t matter which of the two daggers I throw first? maybe there is some kind of dagger throwing tactic?

Maya Medium dagger is the “important” one due HP dagger toss becoming unblockable with 2 purple pips. In situations where you have a little amount of risk of people avoiding daggers (an example would be stHK special cancelled into dagger toss) you would want to throw Medium first, but situations where you are guessing with dagger toss you should opt for Light since you can still build to unblockable 236HP whereas if you throw away Light. Once you build all purple pips you can either finish building yellow pips or let HP dagger rock.

When doing normal into double dagger toss in juggles, Throw the dagger that you want to keep first since it will usually end up closer allowing maya time to pick up the dagger and go for a mixup.

The last dagger tactic is that maya can cancel the recovery of leap kick on whiff by throwing a dagger or timing it so may lands before the dagger is tossed. The latter is easier with M dagger toss and easiest with H dagger toss so keep both always.

please tell me or make a video how to build n unblockable 236HP

  1. I throw an unblockable dagger,
  2. the enemy flies up
  3. I roll forward
  4. I am making Axe Kick. sometimes i make a capture and start a combo. sometimes I miss Axe Kick .
    is that all or can i do something else? my combo can be broken. it is not unblockable