Which Killer Instinct character has the best set of normals?

Im new to the game and forum as well and have gotten great feedback and knowledge from everyone and would like to thank you for that.

Unlike other forums in where all you get is trolling and more trolling, here (even when its a fighting game) most people are really friendly and kind.

Moving on

I would like to start looking for a pocket as its NEVER a good idea to have just ONE character cause if downloaded, you’re pretty much left with little to no resources to make a comeback.

Coming from USFFIV which is a game that GREATLY reward poking and footsies, I would like to know in your opinion, which character has a decent if not good set of normals, pokes, footsies etc…

I know the game goes around combos, but poking is a very nice and reliable way to build up raw damage if the opponent is too good at combo breaking and you dont wanna risk a counter break because of combo breaking mashing.

So far it seems TJ Combo and Sabrewulf both share a nice set of pokes but unfortunately Im not into charge characters.

Please advise and thank you again.

Dunno about the others, but I know Jago and Orchid have pretty darn good normals all around.


Hisako has some really good normals and arbiter has normals that are a bit slower but have extremely long reach


KI doesn’t have charge characters. There are characters that use back-forward/down-up motions, but none of them require any charging.


Oh really? Well its pretty obvious Im new to the game…I though TJ and Wulf were both charge based…Good to know. Thank you

What about Omen? Dude seems interesting

Rash also have a good set of normals.

Jago is the obvious answer. He’s a frame trap monster. Shago shares most of his normals.

Sabrewulf is similar, with really good frame advantage but even better range on most of them.

Riptor’s heavy (flame/tail) normals are phenomenal. Good range, AND they make good combo openers.

Aganos takes up a ton of space with his, and with chunks he can bully people with normals and walls alone.

Tusk can win entire games by hitting a few of his sword normals. Crouching HP does like 20% on counter hit.

Eyedol’s jumping HP got hit with the Nerf bat for a reason.

Hope these help :slight_smile:

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Omen has a pretty solid set too. Especially since in S3 they buffed his normals

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Jago has good buttons, many of which have pretty bitchin frame data behind them.

Orchid has fantastic buttons, and very quick walk speed to accentuate them. One of the better footsie characters in the game.

Hisako has really, really long buttons, including one of the best crouch MK’s in the game. She also has terribad walk speed though, so while you’ll space with her normals, you won’t be playing a ton of USF4-style back and forth footsies. Her long pokes also utilize her wrath, which means it’s beneficial to be a bit judicious with how you’re pushing buttons.

Wulf has good buttons and walk/dash speed, but since you said you don’t want to play back/forward characters (there are no charge characters in KI) we can move on.

Kim has good buttons and good walk and dash speed. She has no credible low threats until she gets pretty darn close though.

Tusk plays his own special brand of footsies, waving around his ginormous sword and using deflect to bully the opponent into just taking his pressure. Not a traditional footsie character by any means, but super satisfying to control the neutral with his big, slow buttons.

These are couple of options. Hope you find a pocket you like :slight_smile:

EDIT: You don’t necessarily see it from lower and mid-level ones, but Rash also has amazing buttons.


All of the above are true. Aria has some sick normals in her sword body.

General Raam has some pretty amazing normals.

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If I don’t have good normals I suffer. I love Wulf’s normals (specially the low ones) ,I’m totally used to back-forward characters on the ground, so it’s ok by me .
Orchid and Jago are ok too , for balanced characters (Orchid being faster than his brother).

I feel ppl should fear Kim Wu when she’s close and start frametrapping you, but her kicks aren’t that good in range and her sweep…I feel sad when I think people can not sweep with her.

Hisako’s normals have a scary range, but for real!

Thunder is ok too and makes good damage!

Spinal has some nice buttons with an interesting range, but his walkspeed isn’t great, not an easy pick up character.

Honestly I’m not fond of TJ’s s and Riptor’s normals that much, however they have some nice stuff to play and overall I find myself having fun playing with them.

Fulgore has nice buttons too, but I find Jago being more dangerous and he gets meter easily being able to make things safer. Anyway Fulgore is lethal, don’t get me wrong, but he plays different.

Maya have some nice normals, but without daggers her punches and kicks are all the same (cr. HP with daggers is Godlike).

And that’s pretty much what I can say since I’m also not fond of the rest of the cast (wait…I love Glacius, but his normals are kinda slow, except for LP and forward + MP)

Orchid and Kim have some pretty great normals. RAAM is pretty strong against characters that are just out of reach for them, but in reach for him. Rash is pretty good too.

You know what? Why don’t I refer you to this:

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You clearly don’t know what a charge character is then lol

A charge character is when you only have to input forward and a button after a block or footies back-and-forth stance. Any character that has a back and forth motion is “likely” a charge charge because they can buffer their specials on reaction and punishment. They are known for the ease of execution.

Okay so, what I want you to do is, I want you to read what you just posted. Then I want you to go to a mirror, and say it into the mirror. Then I want you to hear what the person in the mirror just said to you, and think about it.

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I updated my comment. I realize saying that without an explanation is an unprofessional way to address your stance. I apologize sir.

Okay, then here’s my response: You clearly don’t know what a charge character is.

Can you stay on topic? it would be nice to not derail the thread.


Then what is it?

I’ll pm you then.