Which guests characters do yall want to see next!

Warning! This is only for those who WANT guest fighters in Killer Instinct. If you DO NOT want guest characters in fighting games, please escort yourselves away from this topic. :slight_smile:


Rash,Arbiter,and General Raam Kappa. Kameo. Basically some Rare stuff now.

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Would love to see one character from another fighting game. King from Tekken for example!
Other than that I’m sure they can delve into more properties from Rare. Still waiting for a banjo color and backpack for sabrewulf. Think that’ll be better than a full fledged banjo character.

I would like to see Death the horseman from Darksiders game. I think he would fit perfectly.

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It would seem MS wants to keep the KI guests MS exclusive too so I can’t really say since idk anymore but if we are talking any, I would be cool with Spawn or like the poster above said Death from Darksiders.

While I asked for a few crazy options, on the poll I suggested Frank West and Kameo as viable first party options.

Frank was neat in Marvel vs Capcom, and I think he could be neat here. Plus, Kameo’s gimmick of transformation would be something neat to add into KI.

I feel like Earthworm Jim would fit well, especially against Rash.

Cortana fighting like Unknown from Tekken Tag 2 would be awesome.

I think Skorge, Tartarus, or Atriox would be cool guests.

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Tao FENG characters or Joanna Dark / Kameo

Sunset Overdrive Dude or O.D and Vela… IDK.

Honestly A Battletoad was all I wanted…

Frank isn’t first party, while the dead rising series has been Xbox friendly he’s still owned by capcom.

WAIT WHAT!? where is @anon39655210 comment at!?

This thread is the same as the 50 others with the EXACT same topic. I don’t care anymore.

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I think that, if guests are still coming in the future, it should really be limited to guest, the singular term. The character poll had so many far more interesting ideas for original characters that I’d want to see.

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Frank West: Zombie Genocider, War Cover-er, Average-looking and Sarcastic Protagonist.

“I… serve… no one!!!” “No problem, I will!” Frank proceeds to pull out a tennis racket to start the match

I really hope we don’t get a Crackdown character, those game were so bland and forgettable. I mean they couldn’t even suggest a named character, just an “agent”. Yeesh.


Loving yall suggestions folks. Keep it going!