Which characters should I avoid?

Does he has a lot of bad MUs this last patch?
Or what matches does Gargos struggle the most? (aside from considering if anyone is free to start their pressure when I’m knocked down).
I thought he could be good against Glacius, but I can’t punish cold shoulder properly. Will have to lab more…

The ones I know that are bad MUs for him are Eagle, Eyedol, Tusk, Kim Wu and Maya maybe?

Eagle has arrows and can get in real quick, AA him pretty easy and can pin him down anytime he wants.

Eyedol’s mage and warrior stance can overwhelm Gargos in their own respective range

Tusk is ok against him, but Gargos can overwhelm him. Just if Tusk gets offensive first…pray to the Shadow Lord

Kim Wu can parry portal punches and AA a flying Gargos with DPs with good reactions.

Maya has good projectiles to negate zoning? I don’t play here that much.

Also…Raam is the best matchup here to counter Gargos, since he has the best zoning and can certainly get in whenever he wants…kappa

These are just my thoughts


It must be hard to get in with Raam (depending on how good someone is zonind though lol) but I’m feelind that once you are in with Ramm it must be hard for Gargos to get out.
I know that Gargos is very good angainst Kan Ra, but one the ugly one is on my head I can’t get away (same as Sadira). I’m guessing HK may work but it’s slow…And getting out of shenanigans without an “invencible get away from me” tool is something I must work.
I can see how easy is Fulgore to go through many things Kan Ra has, so I may stick with him in that MU. Can’t figure out Gargos there, yet.

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I was joking about Raam, he is extremely disadvantaged but still not an imposible MU.

Basically every character can dominate Gargos once their on top of him, but what makes it a good MU is how easy the other character can get on top of him and stay there.

I say Fulgore would be at a good advantage due to his good pressure and instant teleport.

Kan-ra can get in but Gargos can return the favor with Portal punches. Idk to whom the matchup goes to there

Gargos also loses to Hisako and Aganos. Letalis thinks the golem destroys Gargos.


Strictly from the Kim/Gargos matchup, Gargos is not favored in this fight in my opinion…

  • L Reckoning (or whatever the psycho-crusher looking move is) off block into M Reckoning (or whatever, honestly) is a nearly guaranteed H Dragon Kick punish, and with a dragon, can lead to more.

  • H Reckoning is, from my experience, Gargos players’ preferred method to get in and pop instinct. Usually, the opponent blocks and they’re at some sort of advantage with armor at point blank, or it hits and leads to juggles. Kim negates that with a patient parry and puts Gargos on wakeup. (It’s also one of those moves Kim can tag with the 2nd raw hit of S. Dragon Kick)

  • All his multi-jumps at distance are pretty tempting targets for well placed M or H Dragon Kicks.

  • With good timing, Gargos cannot help zoning Kim without feeding her dragons via parried Portal Punches. And unless spaced right, they’re either Dragon Kick or S. Dragon Dance punishable.

  • Gargos is a tall enough character that M Dragon Kick, which would usually whiff other standing opponents, will hit him.

  • Kim outclasses Gargos in damage. In fact, being put through Gargos’ strong potential vortex should not dissuade Kim terribly. All she may need is one touch and one shadow cashout to be back in the game.

That’s not to say that Gargos is completely weak against Kim. He can hover directly over her head where she can only fight with a parry, neutral jump or a cr. HP that takes 13-14f to actually hit over her head. Minions can disrupt her, especially Stabby if he’s on the ‘stay near Gargos’ command. And his mobility doubles as both a weakness and a strength, allowing him to go wherever Kim can’t easily punish him; right on her head or to full screen.


It’s not characters you should avoid. It’s the spectrum of players skills that you neeed to avoid depending on how good you are.

You are kind of cute :3

There are players who don’t know they have advantage of a counterpick, but I prefer being prepared for the ones who actually know.

PS nos that I remember: Kim has surely tools to deal with Gargos. Not joking, however it was a fun match to play.

Sadira sucks against Gargos. :disappointed_relieved:

This is one of the reasons I started to learn Hisako. :slight_smile: