Which character should NOT get reworked for season 3?

This is a question I haven’t heard much of on the forums. Most people are talking about who they believe need to get reworked and focusing on them. So I think we can eliminate a few characters from speculation.
Also, when I say they should not get reworked, I’m not saying they shouldn’t change at all. I’m simply asking who you believe has the best foundation they could right now and doesn’t need a massive overhaul, just minor tweaks.

First question: are we talking exclusively about gameplay? Or do we include visual rework?

Esclusively gameplay, I highly doubt anyone is going to get a visual rework (although maybe Omen simply because everyone wants his wings to be present always).

I actually asked about this to IG when they did Omen’s gameplay stream and their response was that there would be too much clipping or something to that effect. If they were on all the time it would require a lot of special care to his animations which would have defeated the purpose of him being a bonus character at the time. They needed to him to basically stall time while they worked on the rest of S2 cast.

Ok, so that make more sense. I honestly thought Omen looked fine the way he is and that adding the wings would be too much work in addition to everything they are working on right now. Thanks

There are really two ways to answer the question. One way is based on what you like, personally. The other is based on whether or not you think the character is functioning as intended. It may be a subtle difference for some, but I think it’s important.

I think the characters who are functioning optimally with respect to their fighting style design are probably Jago (well rounded), Sabrewulf (Rushdown), Riptor (slightly more complicated rushdown), and Cinder (rushdown, juggle, “tricky”).

The characters that I LIKE the best, and therefore personally don’t think should be re-worked are different. I like Glacius (my main), and Thunder the way they are - even though they may not be functioning as intended in the same way as the above. For example, even though Cinder is doing pretty much what he was intended to do, I wouldn’t mind seeing him get reworked to a playstyle that suited me more. (I got Cinder to level 50, but I can’t play him competitively worth a lick)

Jago:Definitely staying the same.
Sabrewulf:Pretty sure he will stay the same.
Glacius:Probably will stay the same but there is a chance he might
Thunder:Descent chance due to Evo finals
Orchid:Possibly due to many who thinks she is low tier
Sadira:Possibly but doubt it
Spinal:Probably changing due to backstory with hint of weaker curse.
Fulgore:Hope not but they changed him in S1-S2 so fingers crossed he doesn’t.
Shadow Jago:Too recent for a rework
TJ Combo:His combo trait nerf is hated so maybe.
Kan-Ra:Descent chance due to a lot of people hating playing him and all those set ups.
Riptor:Possible due to being considered low tier.
Omen:High chance and probably because just look at him
Hisako:Probably staying the same since she is well recieved in the community
Cinder:Potentially due to lack of damage and people not liking burnout mechanic,
Aria:Nope. A bit too recent.

Omen is the right answer

I am truly hoping for omen to get reworked just because he is a bonus character, I would like him to be given some more care but if not then oh well he’s still an awesome character either way.

they should just stop messing with s1 chars. they wanna erase every trace of dh legacy from this game.