Which character or player makes you feel dumb when you fight them

Generally speaking, Sadira makes me feel pretty dumb.

@Jaranowska as Orchid makes me feel pretty dumb too

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Ha, @WebNRagnarok dances circles around me! Literally!

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Honestly, I’ve played this game long enough that there isn’t a particular character that makes me feel dumb. As a Sadira main, there are certain characters that I have a harder time dealing with (at high level play), but that has less to do with the character and a lot more to do with the player behind that character.

Now there are players that make me feel dumb, cough Paul B cough. Paul is a decent player. He knows his stuff, but what aggravates me is his near constant teabagging and taunting. And then there is ITA Masters… He’s an extremely talented Italian KI player, but his connection is so awful that no matter who he chooses, his characters are positive on everything.

Having said that, there are a few characters that I find annoying to fight. Shadow Jago, Gargos, Eyedol, Thunder, and Fulgore. They are annoying, but completely beatable.

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