Which character has the best idle theme?

KI has some fantastic music, but the idle themes are not often heard because of how the game is structured. Which character has the best idle theme in the game?

  • Jago
  • Sabrewulf
  • Glacius
  • Thunder
  • Sadira
  • Orchid
  • Spinal
  • Fulgore
  • TJ Combo
  • Maya
  • Kan-Ra
  • Riptor
  • Omen
  • Aganos
  • Hisako
  • Cinder
  • ARIA
  • Rash
  • Kim Wu, Arbiter, Tusk, Mira, Gargos, RAAM, and Eyedol

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Tusk is a standout for me. His classic KI2 melody set to a somber guitar and a Bulgarian choir.
It’s powerful enough to tell a story on its own, even without considering it’s from the old games.

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I’d say it’s a close race between Orchid, TJ Combo, and Saberwulf with Orchid pulling ahead only slightly. Those classic remixes of the original themes can’t be beat.

TJ Combo for me. Such an outstanding build up at first before immediately hitting you square in the face with nostalgia. Satisfying.

Honorable mentions:
Orchid- Same as TJ Combo but since I have more memories of KI2/Gold than KI1, TJ wins

Hisako- I like the lullaby approach to the main theme. So soothing yet so sad. The crying in the background helps too.

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Ok, this is just AMAZING. So many memories!! If we talk about the classics I would go for Sabrewulf, Fulgore, Orchid,Tj. If we talk about the new ones I feel Hisakos is soooo nostalgic!
In the end I voted Arbiters. The music is powerful and makes me feel I’m preparing myself for the battle, or also feels like the calm in the middle of the storm. Anyway, all are great! Thanks for loading this OP =)

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(drops mic)

Hearing these all together makes me miss Mick Gordon so much.
Riptor idle is so close to the original I never heard it

Kims idle is odd there are too many ki melodies in her theme you can’t distinguish

Eyedol tho

To me its Sadira. Feels like im on the highway traveling on a truck. I love to travel! :articulated_lorry:

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Cinder. Its just. Perfect.

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I’ve said this about Atlas & Celldweller before, & it still holds IMHO, if you look at their themes like food, they would specialize in a particular ingredient, let’s say salsa. And that’s fine, but not all dishes go well with salsa. Mira’s theme for example, decent orchestral piece, but then there’s that damned electric horsefly buzzing around in the background. I’d compare that to having chicken alfredo with salsa on it. But with something like Eyedol’s theme, they made the mother of all enchiladas.

I think they really listened to micks 2014 fulgore and got the point

The synths and arrangement of ‘Eyedol’ are the best successor of season 3.

I agree, they are limited in range but got a bit better at the end

I still want Mick back if there is a season 4.

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Season 3 is embarrassing when it comes to this…

It’s pure lazy. Although I like some of the scores in KIS3 I think the bar dropped dramatically.

like you can hear that bar thud and then bounce on the floor again it fell so hard IMO

There is little to no fan fare in these songs.

Orchid got my vote guys! Mick was fantastic!

I have no idea why also on all the idle music they use the KI theme? Why not use something off the killer cuts?

Wouldn’t humiliation have worked work with rash because he dances in his taunt?

The beat is rare? Come on guys why is no one thinking about the fan fare this season. It’s all fantastic but seldomly special.


I quite like ALL of the idle themes for me here


I really like Sadira’s idle theme

I picked Arbiter, just because I REALLY love Impend.

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It was between TJ Combo and Orchid, TJ got the vote, love it!

I think everybody’s’ idles are pretty good, but I would say mine personal favorites are:

Thunder- the acoustic score of ‘Oh Yeah’ is pretty damn remarkable.

Sabrewulf- it feels like you’re watching a scary play and watching the orchestra conduct this great score.

Maya- its really relaxing and beautiful to hear Ali Edwards’ vocals.

Hisako- I’ve never imagined that anyone could make KI’s iconic theme to sound so sentimental and creepyling tender.

Rash-I love rock and heavy metal music, and this one would be the kind of music I would jam in the pause menu.

Tusk- gives you a sense of age and sadness in dreading about living long enough to where nothing may feel the same to you anymore.


Came in expecting to vote Wulf or TJ, came out voting Maya. Those vocals were just so. damn. good :persevere:

Other favorites of mine were definitely Wulf, TJ (that build up!), and Tusk. Tusk’s teally surprised me actually - it’s really, really good.

Raam’s was also surprisingly cool. And though I love her actual track, Kim Wu’s idle was just ok. Think using her KI2 theme there (or representing it more strongly) may have been a bit better.

All in all I really like both sets of composers though. Unlike a lot of others, I don’t think Atlas Plug and Celldweller turned in particularly worse music than Mick, though I will say my absolute favorite tracks are still Mick’s. Tusk and Kim’s themes come close for me though, and Arbiter’s is another particular favorite of mine.

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I would be the only one who votes for Jago’s :joy:

Cinder’s is pretty godlike too though.


Tusk all day everyday

I think they didn’t want to use Kim’s theme there because it was represented through pretty much the entire track.