Which bundle should i buy in Windows store version, since steam one does not support xbox 360 controller?

Hey guys!
I owned steam version for a while, decided to play it and it does not work with XBOX 360 controller as it seems, so i realized there is a Windows Version out there. However, steam version had all of it, but Windows version has nothing, just 1 free character, which is very sad considering i paid full price for my steam one… Short story… What should i buy in Windows version to get all the juice? Definitive edition? Characters?? Season bundle? I literally have no clue.

If you’re hoping to buy the full Killer Instinct package on Windows with cross-play on Xbox One, you’ll appreciate this link to Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition -

Have fun!



@RedolentSummer2 The Steam version and the Windows Store are different versions of the game, so owning the Steam version does not grant you full access to the Windows Store version (thus why you’re only getting the free rotating character).

You’ll want to buy the “Definitive Edition” that @MasterZenek linked to, however, the game is part of Xbox Play Anywhere.

That means by buying the Windows Store version, you get the Xbox One version at no charge and vise-versa.

If you can, wait and keep checking the Xbox One version, as it goes on sale every few months for about $9.99 Canadian. Buy that, and you’ll get the Windows Store version at such a great price.