Where's the Soundtrack?!

Bought the game on steam with the killer cuts soundtrack. unfortunately, it isn’t in the games folder. nor is it in the soundtrack category of my library. i have the soundtrack on my account, but it is mysteriously nowhere to be found in any directory.
from what i heard, a recent update caused the game to completely wipe the soundtrack from those who downloaded it, and those who purchased it after it was set to not download.

EDIT: 3/22/2021 the ost is fixed and downloads like it should!

I never knew the killer cuts soundtrack was offered with any version of the game, just the original KI games with matchmaking and some other bonuses.

I do know if you want it though, it should be available for purchase on iTunes and Google stores, as well as a few others I think. However, if it is part of a package deal, then yeah, don’t settle on double buying it when it’s already promised.

it’s actually more than just killer cuts. it’s the entire soundtrack from the game, plus every other entry in the series thus far.
but yeah. and from what i gather it’s a fairly recent release too!

The Steam thread seems to imply this was some kind of mistake made by the app managers.

I hope this gets fixed soon.

The definitive edition I bought has the CD with the game :slight_smile:

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FYI, this has now been fixed.

Just as a reminder, you can listen to Killer Cuts (and all of Seasons 1, 2, 3, KI2, Kilgore, Eagle, and Shin Hisako!) on Spotify for free!!!

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