Where's the season 3 news after KiT?

There was supposed to be a season 3 exhibition at KiT this weekend. Did it happen? Where’s all the news? If not footage, then at least some written notes maybe?

I don’t ever recall hearing anything about this - are you sure you’re not confusing it for the one happening at KI World Cup on January 30th and 31st?

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I might be, come to think of it. They were talking about it during the top 8 and I just kinda assumed they were talking about what would happen later that weekend, not next weekend. :slight_smile:

I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s sadly not happening until the FOLLOWING weekend, so we’ve got even more of a wait ahead of us!

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Ag dib;t wirrt ! We wukk syrvuve!

Stupid keyboard… The above is supposed to translate to:
“Ah, don’t worry! We will survive!” :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here. I don’t remember hearing ANYTHING on/about that either :stuck_out_tongue:


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7pm special announcement? Hmmmm… That’s mean we would see Kim Wu’s trailer?

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They are having a 3 AND A HALF HOUR S3 preview presentation on the 30th, and they are demo-ing the “new S3 character” both days. I’m predicting Kim Wu’s trailer and an overview of the balance changes for each character like they did for S2.

The “special announcement” may have something to do with Wave Two of KI figures that they have teased multiple times before…somewhere.

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