Where to find new high level Omen vids?

I have been searching Youtube for Omen videos that are not a year old. I tried finding Omen vids from the KIWC but no success.

Any help would be appreciated.

There are plenty of Omen fights in the KIWC last chance qualifier archive on Team Spooky twitch. Its titled KIWC Day 1.

There are 2 Sets back to back with Omen in it. I being one of those sets.

ToneriSkate used Omen for 2 of the 5 matches in the KIWC top 32 Day 2 Archive.


Ok thanks.

Watch my YouTube channel.


Nice sets. I notice that you don’t try to throw in some non darkness cross ups during your pressure. Does that not work? Also I liked your reset cross up after a heavy auto double.

I did use that at a time with omen, but in done match ups i like to preserve meter for safety and pressure.

we have a new facebook omen group that we share tech in.



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Want ?

Yes please. How do I get in?

I’ll invite you. One sec.