Where is the REAL Season 3 re-balance change list?

Many of us on the forums have found unlisted changes, including myself.
The ones that pertain to me in particular is Omen’s 2 unlisted nerfs:
-Orda shield no longer makes a full arc over Omen.
-Shadow Orda Shield Lasts for a shorter period of time.

Can we talk about some of these changes?
Can anyone list some of their own that they have found?
And most importantly,
Can we please get a REAL list of changes from the @developers ?

(If you guys REALLY want to, i can try to gather the other bits of evidence on the forums, and collect them here, but i am hoping that the people who found them will see this thread, and re-post them here.)

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They also did not lower the meter gain on his non-orda enders like the said they would. Not entirely sure why these are but they could just be bugs.

Yeah they could just be bugs. Aria was supposed to get more bombs when charging up her HK. Instead she just got more bombs without charging.

I wasnt sure about that one, but i think you are right. i definitely dont FEEL like i am ever short on meter.

Also, i just remembered, most characters STILL cant shadow-counter Omen’s slide.

I just won a game pretty much because of that.

I did test in the lab.

Omens Orda ender gives only about 2% less meter than his Rashakuken ender.

And that I’m ok with.12% st.hk dmg is fine by me. The most powerful st.hk in the game.