Where is the Axe Kick advantage?

in the game manual it is written that the Axe Kick has the advantage of +7. In shadowing mode it says:+8. Where is the advantage (of +7 or +8 )? if I calmly punish the the Axe Kick in any way. here is a workout recording with a bot.

There is no plus at all, but minus 2 or 3

yeah 6HP is -3 you can find all characters real frame data via this link

Killer Instinct Frame Data - Google Sheets

some of the moves have inaccurate frame data

the computer makes Axe Kick safe. right after that, he does a Leap Kick. I can’t punish him right after Axe Kick . But I can’t do that: I get Leap Kick after the ax with a delay. Everyone punishes me for this combination. I can’t do the same. the computer has no pause at all between beats (between Axe Kick/ Leap Kick). and I have a pause for two or three frames. The computer can make a safe Axe Kick by placing a Leap Kick after it. but I can not?

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