Where is Kim Wu's Theme?

Technically her entire theme has been displayed in some way or another, so can we PLEASE get a full theme release now? Whats the hold up?

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Seems like the theme vocalist is singing in Asian language and Kim speaks English I could be wrong.

The 16 hit or higher combo brings the part heard when she fights shadow Jago in her trailer.

Love when the theme vocalist screams at the end of the trailer song!

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Where is Kim Wu’s theme? I want to listen to it.

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If you could compare it, it’s made similar to Cinder’s. It’s based around the original song, but a more epic remix. I hope they can give it to us soon! I have a friend who thinks he is going to be a better Kim than me.

I’m totally going to his house in the countryside, and start blaring Kim’s theme from my car. LMAO


Not even a snippet. With Mick we got a tease on his Instagram. Haven’t gotten a thing yet, sort of kills the buzz.


It would’ve been pretty cool if after her reveal we got to listen to her theme music on the KI site. May be still ironing out a few things?


Oh yeah, Maya’s theme is like that too, but to a slightly lesser degree

Well now in a week I’ll be able to record it for myself. :kissing_closed_eyes:

1,000 Kim Wus: ‘HAAAAAAA!!!’


LOL It will be so cool!

Nice Profile Pic btw. You switched it from Orchid? :open_mouth:

It’s Kim Wu season now!

Orchid never got any updates, costumes or attention so I will still main her but Kim has risen to be the number 1 ATM.

I love Kim’s customization options- orchid, I’m tired of the goggles and same vest and mismatched retro! Even the retro tonfas are missing :disappointed:I’ll always like orchid tho

I guess I understand this.

Same with Jago, he hasn’t switched much. I will still main him, but Kim has my attention for now.

LOL Welcome to the Kim Club! :kr:

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Personally, I’m taking the Shadow Dragon Kick audio for a notification tone, she sounds so badass.

PLEASE TELL ME how to do that
I’ve been trying to record orchid for my iPhone for years

Pm me