Where could I buy Killer Instinct shirt and/or figures?

I googled and found something on Ebay. I found also some Killer Instinct store, but all was sold out.

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You should be able to find some on Amazon. That’s where I got my Fulgore figure.


I found figures on Walmart.ca or Toynk’s website : Search Results

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I checked Amazon too, but thank you. Probably need to buy from amazon or ebay, I guess :smiley:

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Thanks for you too!
I see that ToyNk ships to Europe too, do they have free shipping?

No I doubt it. I had some trouble with the shipping price they wanted to charge me. The Walmart.ca rule stated shipping was a stated fee, but the company wanted to bill me extra border charges! I had to complain to Walmart.ca, and things were settled in the end.