Where Can I Buy the Killer Instinct Elite Controller Kit?

Im having a hard time finding it online…

Your best bet is to go to the Microsoft store. Microsoft.com

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They didnt have a large release… Gamestop wont be getting them I know that. Atleast not my Game stop.

It reads unavailable online as well.

I cant find one online either…hmmmmm

@rukizzel HELP PELASE! lol

Check with microsoft.con they have all the xb1 stuff you need

Did that…it wasnt listed

You can buy mine for a bajillion dollars.


Lmfao Your text totally goes with that gif.

Microsoft.com didn’t have it? We’re they out or something? It should have been there, it’s the Xbox Store

nope, not that I could find. If you can find it…link it here.


There ya go XB1 Elite Controller

KI elite controller kit not an elite controller

I can find the whole mess. But it you are looking for the thumb sticks and paddles only I’d recommend contacting the Xbox stores customer service and see if they can help ya out, they should be able too.

OMG never mind dude

I’m using this Gif later, lol.

Thanks Dan!

Haven’t seen them available from any where in the U.K. The UK Microsoft store never had them either :cry:

Looks like people did a number on the original stock. There will be more!

Oh dang a KI themed elite kit? I you just wanted a regular kit. My bad, sorry @FallofSeraphs76. I can’t help ya there bro