Where are them Finishers?

I have played the original KI and just had one question. Where are all the Finishers gone?

How come Orchid does not flash her boobz now and make her opponent die from a heart attack?

The last chance of making it happen is to fund them for all the chracters on then next upcoming community fund. @TempusChaoti had an interview with @CrazyLCD back in January i beilieve and Adam Isgreen already confirmed that there will be a 2nd community fund so its up to this community to choose what do they want for the game. Do you want ultimate combos? Do you want humiliations? Do you want no mercy moves? Do you want more alternative costumes and season 1 fixed retros? Do you want more stages for season 3? Do you want a new shadow character? Do you want stage ultras for season 1? And thats how it goes. We must choose crefully.

Remember, the whole KI are nostalgic and its not fare deny ultimates because of the nostalgia factor weak argument.

Check out the interview if you’ve missed it. Skip to 11:20 and you’ll get the to point.

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Because those finishers were all lame and pointless window dressing.

Some reworked retros/accessories is my pick. (and stages/themes for returning and new KI characters)

We can’t even get KI2 Orchid’s retro outfit, or Thunder’s proper KI1 attire. There is no way they’d give us the old boob flashing no mercy, not in this game even if it doesn’t show a pixel of skin. This game is much to tame for that stuff now.


I posted a poll in response to that interview, the majority were in favor of Ulimates and the second most voted for option was an Omen “real boy” overhaul. Though now I think the missing stages would be a contender…

My money will go to the missing stages ,or stage , whatever they’re willing and able to do .

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If rather a fund go towards more stage ultras.

I’m still hoping Ultimates will be a thing some day. It would be the crown piece on this game, the last thing I’d want to see be added. I know it might never be a thing, but I’d still want it. ^^

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