Where are my purchases?

Day one bought an xbone with shadow jago and have preordered every season. had to sell my xbox one but i still preordered season 3. on my pc i just downloaded killer instinct and logged into the xbox app, season 1 and 2 are available but shadow jago and season 3 are locked out as well as no ki gold for preordering. any updates on this? was really excited for this coming to pc and i cant access season 3.

You bought the xbox one version? You needed to have logged in on the xbox before running the pc version or have purchased the pc version not xbox version

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What he said ^. you would be out of luck since you dont have your xbox one, but if you can go to a friend who still has a Xone and just download your profile and launch season 3 with it you will be fine.

That’s ridiculous!! They need to fix that, I bought season 3 from my pc so I should have it on my pc. KI is on pc so pc players can play without buying a xbone, I pre-ordered the game on pc and I would love to play the game I purchased.

you could email or go on microsoft support (i think even xbox live chat has a widnows 10 help section) they may be able to refund you to buy it again, that might work.