Where are Maya and Mira from?

I believe I saw somewhere that they were Brazilians and Mira does speak Portuguese in the novella.

But this screenshot shows a Mira vs Maya in “North Andes” and this fight is on the Night Guard base. That particular spot seems to be either Bolivia, Chile or Argentina, which is around the middle of the Andes ridge (the part most to the north is in Venezuela, past Central America). Is it called “North Andes” because they split the Andes in two halves and this is the bottom part of the north half?

The title of this chapter is “Irmã”, which is portuguese for sister. Any country on South America apart from Brazil speaks Spanish, not Portuguese. Spanish for sister is “hermana”, not “irmã”.

So why they speak Portuguese? Are they Brazilian and they just live in the Night Guard? The Andes ridge doesn’t pass through Brazil so if the Night Guard is on the Andes we would assume they would speak Spanish, not Portuguese…

Am I missing something?

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Probably this.

I mean, Jago is tibetan, but he speaks english. Mira and Maya are probably brazilian, but they lived elsewhere


This. There are lots of other examples of this in the game. Kim Wu comes from a Korean family, but was born and raised in the United States. Kan-Ra’s home base appears to be in Egypt, even though he’s Babylonian. The Arbiter hails from Sanghelios, but many of the sangheli (and by extension many Arbiters) spent their entire lives in battle on distant worlds or on Covenant Capital Ships like High Charity.
Hell, Mira even moved house away from the Night Guard base and now lives with a coven of Vampires in Siberia.


Don’t forget Glacius living in Siberia instead his homeworld!

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*Antarctica. Other side of the world, dude :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe I was confused by all the Syberia missions in Glacius stage xD

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Yeah, what’s up with the same stages being used in different parts of the world?

And Orchid Rebel Oupost is Sierra Leone in Africa when before it was Eastern Europe

Mira doesn’t look brazilian at all XD

Have you ever met a vampire before?

She looks like Maya. Don’t let the skin color and hair deceit you, if you look at them up close you’ll see they probably started both their 3d models from the same base model.

Look specially at the jaw and nose, they have the same of both.

Maya doesn’t look specifically like a Brazilian woman but she does look like a Latin American woman. Mira just died so she lost the skin color with is a big part of being Latin American.

These are the type things I love to be confirmed or defined in behind the scenes discussion with creators of the characters, hoped to see that in definitive edition, but it was a fraction of content about selected elements of KI.

One day I hope to see a thorough breakdown like the KI ultra fan book which only covered season one